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JAC Hunter EV Price and Specs

Last updated: 01 February 2024
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JAC MOTORS Manufacturing Company
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  • JAC Hunter EV specs
  • JAC Hunter EV interior
  • JAC Hunter EV price
  • JAC Hunter EV overview
  • JAC Hunter EV range
  • JAC Hunter EV review
  • JAC Hunter EV exterior
  • JAC Hunter EV specs
  • JAC Hunter EV interior
JAC Hunter EV price

JAC Hunter EV Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new JAC Hunter EV.

JAC Hunter EV price *:

25300 US$

manufactured inChina
sales start2024
range (km)500
speed (km/h)150
power (kW)170
battery (kWh)88
cargo capacity (kg)500
drive typeAWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

JAC Hunter EV Detailed Overview

The JAC Hunter EV emerges as a notable contender in the electric vehicle domain, melding utility with advanced technology to usher in a new era for electric pickups. Slated for its unveiling at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2024, this vehicle is a testament to innovation, designed to meet the demands of both work and leisure with unparalleled efficiency and style.

JAC Hunter EV Specs and Price

Price and Release Date

The JAC Hunter EV, priced at a starting point of $25,300, offers a compelling entry into the electric vehicle market. This figure, set by the manufacturer, does not include taxes and additional options, positioning the JAC Hunter EV as a competitively priced option for prospective buyers. With its market launch scheduled for 2024, anticipation is high for what promises to be a transformative addition to the electric truck segment.

JAC Hunter EV Overview

Exterior Features

The JAC Hunter EV sets itself apart with a distinctive exterior that blends rugged functionality with a striking design aesthetic. It boasts a mech-warrior-style front, an enclosed grille, and unique lighting elements that include flowing turn signals and segmented headlights. Measuring 5.62 meters in length, 1.965 meters in width, and 1.92 meters in height, it offers a spacious 1.81-meter cargo bed. The vehicle's 205mm ground clearance and 18-inch high-alloy wheels provide versatility across various terrains, ensuring a commanding road presence.

Interior Design

Inside, the JAC Hunter EV draws inspiration from the majestic Forbidden City, featuring a T-shaped layout that enhances the sense of space. The cabin's refined materials, camel-gray brushed trim panels, and piano lacquer-finished air vents elevate the driving environment beyond the typical truck interior. A 7-inch LCD screen instrument cluster, Intelligent InCar 3.0 system, and luxury amenities like wireless fast charging and ambient lighting underscore the vehicle's commitment to cutting-edge technology and comfort.

JAC Hunter EV Performance

Range and Battery

The JAC Hunter EV is powered by an 88 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, promising an impressive 500 km range per the CTLC (Chinese industry standard). This extensive range, coupled with the vehicle's dual-motor AWD configuration, ensures a blend of efficiency and power suitable for both everyday commutes and longer journeys.


At the core of the JAC Hunter EV's robust performance is its dual-motor setup, delivering a combined 170 kW of power and peak torque ranging between 176 and 342 Nm for the front and rear motors, respectively. This powertrain not only ensures considerable thrust but also guarantees a responsive and fluid driving experience, redefining the standards for electric pickups.

JAC Hunter EV Practicality and Utility

The JAC Hunter EV transcends mere aesthetics and performance; it is engineered for practicality. Its dual-motor four-wheel-drive system differentiates it from competitors, offering enhanced control and stability under diverse driving conditions. The vehicle's generous cargo space and expansive bed render it an optimal choice for those seeking a dependable work truck without compromising on performance or eco-friendliness.


The JAC Hunter EV signifies a significant leap forward in the electric vehicle landscape, especially within the electric pickup category. By harmonizing practicality, performance, and innovative design, the JAC Hunter EV is poised to captivate potential buyers searching for an electric vehicle capable of accommodating the rigors of work and the joys of leisure seamlessly. As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, the JAC Hunter EV stands out as a beacon of progress, offering a glimpse into the future of transportation through a fusion of functionality, technology, and environmental stewardship.

Manufacturer: JAC MOTORS

JAC Hunter EV Video Review

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Video Review on JAC Hunter EV
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