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Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab Price and Specs

Last updated: 09 November 2023
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Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab

Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab price:

US$ 46495

manufactured inUnited Kingdom
sales start2023
range (km)203
battery (kWh)68
cargo capacity (kg)1760

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab Video Review

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Video Review on Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab
Video review

Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab: Revolutionizing Business Fleet Solutions

In the bustling circus of the commercial vehicle sector, the Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab emerges as the ringmaster. It’s a spectacle of electric efficiency and tailored versatility crafted for the entrepreneur who thumbs their nose at conventional methods and costs. Allow me to whisk you through the curtains, where you’ll witness firsthand the prowess and advantages it parades for your convoy.

Electric Powertrain: The Heartbeat of Eco-Efficiency

The Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab hums to life with an all-electric powertrain – a symphony of environmental stewardship and operational thrift. This wanders far from the archaic fumes of diesel engines, instead opting to tread lightly with zero tailpipe emissions. It’s an admirable steed in the quest to not only curb the outlay on combustibles but also to paint a greener horizon.

Exceptional Payload: The Herculean Hauler

With a back sturdy enough to haul significant burdens, the E-Transit Chassis Cab dances effortlessly under the weight of hefty loads. Whether it's equipment that's as heavy as heartbreak or cargo needing transport to the far reaches of your operations, this vehicle lifts your business above the fray.

Configurability: A Tailor’s Dream

Ford appreciates that no two businesses are cut from the same cloth. Thus, the E-Transit Chassis Cab has been imbued with a chameleon-like ability to adapt through a selection of configurations. From wheelbases to upfit possibilities, it’s akin to a bespoke suit, tailored to the unique silhouettes of your business requirements.

Technological Savvy and Safety: The Cerebral Companion

Adorned with the crown jewels of Ford's technological endeavours, this vehicle is not just a workhorse but a smart one at that. It comes with an array of gadgets and gizmos designed to keep drivers connected, productive, and most importantly, safe. With such brainpower at its disposal, the Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab becomes not just a vehicle, but a vigilant custodian of your fleet.

The Specifications Behind The Wizardry

The spells woven into the fabric of the Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab are worth a closer examination.

Electric Muscles: The Powertrain’s Might

The lifeline of this electric beast is its powertrain, a marvel of modern engineering that promises robust torque and nimble acceleration. The generous battery capacity pledges a wide roaming range per charge, banishing the spectre of frequent recharging halts.

Load-Bearing Titan: Payload Capabilities

The true strength of the Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab lies not just in its electric heart but in its brawny back. Capable of shouldering heavy loads, this vehicle stands as a colossus among its peers, ready to face the rigors of construction, logistics, and more.

A Chameleon's Disguise: Configurations Galore

The versatility of this vehicle is encapsulated in its multiple configurations. Like a chameleon adjusting its hues, the E-Transit Chassis Cab alters its form to match your business’s exacting demands, proving itself a seamless addition to any fleet.

The Brain Behind The Brawn: Advanced Tech and Safety

Packed to the rafters with cutting-edge technology, this vehicle makes no compromises on safety or sophistication. Augmented by connectivity and assistance features, it transcends its role as mere transport to become a mobile command centre.

Why The Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab Is A Business's Best Friend

The accolades of the Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab are not to be taken lightly.

  • Cost Savings: The electric powertrain is not just about treading softly on the earth but also about keeping your purse strings tight. Lower fuel and maintenance costs are the fruits of this eco-savvy choice.

  • Environmental Ethos: Standing on the right side of history, this vehicle makes a statement. Choosing the E-Transit Chassis Cab is a nod to a sustainable future, pulling your weight in the global push for cleaner air.

  • Boosted Productivity: With its suite of advanced technology and connectivity, your drivers are kept in high spirits and high gear, ferrying not just goods but great efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Custom Fitting: The vehicle’s ability to morph according to your needs ensures that it isn’t just part of your fleet but a pivotal cog in your business machinery.

In sum, the Ford E-Transit Chassis Cab doesn’t just drive your business forward; it propels it into a future where efficiency, customization, and environmental kindness reign supreme. Staking your claim with this vehicle not only marks a leap in operational efficacy but underlines a commitment to a brighter tomorrow.