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Maxus eDeliver 3 Price and Specs

Last updated: 01 December 2023
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What is Maxus?
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  • Maxus eDeliver 3 price
  • Maxus eDeliver 3 specs
  • Maxus eDeliver 3 overview
  • Maxus eDeliver 3 range
  • Maxus eDeliver 3 review
  • Maxus eDeliver 3 electric
  • Maxus eDeliver 3 curb weight
  • Maxus eDeliver 3 interior

Maxus eDeliver 3 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Maxus eDeliver 3

Maxus eDeliver 3 price:

US$ 40650

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)228
battery (kWh)41.86
cargo capacity (kg)1200

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Maxus eDeliver 3 Video Review

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Video Review on Maxus eDeliver 3
Video review

Maxus eDeliver 3: A Comprehensive Exploration

Unveiling the Maxus eDeliver 3

Enter the Maxus eDeliver 3, a pioneering all-electric commercial conveyance that heralds a new era in eco-conscious transportation. Hailing from the workshops of SAIC Motor, a titan in Chinese automotive manufacturing, this vehicle amalgamates efficiency, resilience, and prowess, positioning itself as a forerunner in the electric van segment.

Excellence in Manufacture

The craftsmanship of SAIC Motor shines through in the Maxus eDeliver 3. Birthed in the crucible of China's industrial might, this van embodies the manufacturer's zeal to spearhead the electric vehicle movement with solutions that are both practical and cutting-edge.

Specifications of the Maxus eDeliver 3

Performance Prowess and Capabilities

Armed with a potent 136 horsepower motor, the Maxus eDeliver 3 stands as a reliable juggernaut for commercial pursuits. Its power cell, courtesy of CATL, boasts a 41.86 kWh capacity, furnishing a steadfast range of up to 228 kilometers.

Design Tailored for Utility

Designed with an eye towards utility, the Maxus eDeliver 3 flaunts a commodious 6.3 m3 load space, augmented by a nifty sliding door. This geometric optimization equips the van for a plethora of commercial uses, from courier services to utility fleets.

Affordability and Availability of the Maxus eDeliver 3

Market-competitive Pricing

Tagged at approximately $40,650, the Maxus eDeliver 3 delivers stellar value in the realm of electric vans. This pricing strategy renders it an attainable choice for businesses poised to make the jump to environmentally responsible vehicles.

Investment Value

This van epitomizes a sagacious investment for enterprises, combining efficiency, spaciousness, and operational excellence. Its competitive price tag, paired with diminished running costs relative to conventional vans, amplifies its desirability in the commercial domain.

The Interior Design of Maxus eDeliver 3

Functionality Meets Comfort

The Maxus eDeliver 3's cabin is a sanctuary of driver comfort and utility. Ergonomic seating meshed with intuitive controls assures a driving experience that is both comfortable and productive.

State-of-the-art Technologies and Features

Fortified with contemporary technology, the van facilitates connectivity and seamless operation. Its features are deftly tailored to satiate the requisites of commercial vehicular operation, with an emphasis on safety, navigation, and efficacy.

Exterior Styling of the Maxus eDeliver 3

Functional Yet Pleasing Design

The Maxus eDeliver 3's exterior merges practicality with visual appeal. Its architectural thought focuses on amplifying cargo volume while preserving a modish and professional visage.

Endurance and Build Quality

SAIC Motor's allegiance to superior craftsmanship is embodied in the Maxus eDeliver 3's robust and resilient build. Engineered to endure the trials of commercial usage, it nevertheless maintains a sleek professional demeanor.

Release and Impact of the Maxus eDeliver 3 on the Market

Debut and Industry Acclaim

Launched in the year 2023, the Maxus eDeliver 3 has already earned kudos in the marketplace, particularly in locales such as the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Its synthesis of range, cargo capability, and efficiency earmarks it as a formidable contender in the electric van sphere.

Influencing the Commercial Vehicle Sector

The Maxus eDeliver 3 is poised to make an indelible impact on the commercial vehicle sector. Its fusion of energy efficiency, cargo space, and green design establishes a new benchmark for electric commercial vehicles.

The Maxus eDeliver 3 stands as a beacon for the future of commercial vehicular transport. It ingeniously melds efficiency, practicality, and environmental stewardship, marking a significant stride in the progression of commercial vehicles. As the globe gravitates towards sustainable transport solutions, the Maxus eDeliver 3 blazes a trail, illuminating the promise and adaptability of electric vehicles in the commercial arena.