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Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC Price and Specs

Last updated: 23 October 2023
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What is Cityev?
  • Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC price
  • Cityev Cityline 100 EV charging station
  • Cityev Cityline 100 EV charging
  • Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC price
  • Cityev Cityline 100 EV charging station
  • Cityev Cityline 100 EV charging

Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC

Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC price:

US$ 1150

manufactured inUnited Kingdom
power (kW)7
rated current (A)32
cable lengthunknown
connector typeType 1 and Type 2
simultaneous charging1
IP rating54

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC Video Review

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Video Review on Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC
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Exploring the Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC: A Leap Into the Future of Electric Vehicle Charging

Nestled within the United Kingdom's innovative hub, the Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC has carved out a niche for itself in the electric vehicle charging domain. Its presence whispers of a smart, futuristic approach to electric vehicle replenishment, merging sleek design with cutting-edge technology.

Cityline 100 IDC: A Closer Look at its Smart Door Mounted Technology

The Cityline 100's calling card is, without a doubt, its door-mounted design. This isn't just a nod to sleek aesthetics; it's an ingeniously practical feature. Tailored for effortless mount on column doors, it emerges as not only a visual delight but a beacon of convenience in the electric vehicle charging scene.

Dissecting the Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC Electric Vehicle Charger

Enter the Realm of Integrated Innovations: CityEV's Safevolt™ and DC Block Technology

Chock-full of CityEV's own Safevolt™ and DC block wizardry, the Cityline 100 IDC is the epitome of safety, performance, and simplicity. With a 6mA DC block, it provides a charging experience that's as seamless as it's efficient, safeguarding both vehicle and user.

The Seal of Approval by Elexon, Coupled with Versatile Payment Systems

Elexon has lavished praise on the Cityline 100, a testament to its adherence to stringent standards and unmatched quality. This charging point caters to every user's preference, from straightforward plug ‘n’ charge operations to sophisticated fob-based systems. For the digitally inclined, the optional payment system streamlines the charging process, reflecting the charger's adaptability.

Versatility in Operation: A Spectrum of Choices

The Cityline 100 IDC's adaptability shines bright in its array of operational modes. Between plug-in simplicity and advanced fob access control, it caters to every preference. For those who lean towards the modern, the charger seamlessly integrates with the CityEV EVopencard® app, showcasing its forward-thinking design.

Blending Performance with Public Service

With its robust specs and smart features, the Cityline 100 transcends the typical use case scenarios. Designed for both personal and public spheres, it is a testament to fast AC charging capabilities, delivering up to 32 amps for a peak output of 7Kw. This ensures it's a steadfast ally for every electric vehicle owner.

Indeed, the Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC distinguishes itself as more than a mere electric vehicle charger; it's a symbiosis of innovation, safety, and utility. Crafted by the reputable Cityev, it stands as a cornerstone for those in pursuit of an electric vehicle charger that combines technological finesse with unparalleled practicality.