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Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC Price and Specs

Added to the EV Database on 19 October 2023
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price (NEW) from: 1150,00 $
Cityev Manufacturing Company
  • EV Charging Station Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC price
  • EV Charging Station Cityev Cityline 100 EV charging station
  • EV Charging Station Cityev Cityline 100 EV charging
  • EV Charging Station Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC price
  • EV Charging Station Cityev Cityline 100 EV charging station
  • EV Charging Station Cityev Cityline 100 EV charging

Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC.

Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC: An In-Depth Analysis

Crafted in the heart of the United Kingdom, the Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC emerges as a game-changer in the electric vehicle charging sphere.

Cityline 100 IDC: Smart Door Mounted Technology

One of the unique features of the Cityev Cityline 100 is its door-mounted design. This fast AC single-phase 7Kw charge point boasts not just aesthetics, but also utility. Designed for easy installation on column doors, it stands out for its convenience.

manufactured inUnited Kingdom
new from ($)1150
power (kW)7
rated current (A)32
cable lengthunknown
connector typeType 1 and Type 2
simultaneous charging1
IP rating54

A Comprehensive Review: Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC Electric Vehicle Charger

Integrated Innovations: CityEV Safevolt™ and DC Block Technology

The Cityline 100 IDC is packed with CityEV's innovative Safevolt™ and DC block technology. With a 6mA DC block, this smart charger ensures safety, efficiency, and a seamless charging experience for electric vehicles.

Elexon-Approval and Payment Systems

Elexon has stamped its approval on the Cityline 100, highlighting its compliance with standards and quality. Whether you're opting for a simple plug ‘n’ charge system or a more sophisticated fob operation, the Cityline has you covered. Additionally, for users who prefer a digital approach, there's the optional payment system to consider, making the charging process smooth and hassle-free.

Adaptable Operation Modes

The versatility of the Cityline 100 IDC doesn't stop with its charging technology. Users can choose between plug-in easy operation or access control via a fob. Furthermore, for a modern touch, the charger can be paired and operated with the CityEV EVopencard® app.

Where Performance Meets Public Utility

Given its impressive specifications and smart features, the Cityline 100 smart charge point is not just ideal for personal use. Its design and capabilities make it perfect for commercial and public applications as well. Delivering fast AC charging at a full 32 amps, with a maximum of 7Kw, it promises to be a reliable choice for EV owners.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC is not just another charger in the market. It’s a blend of innovation, safety, and convenience, manufactured by a trusted name, Cityev. For those seeking a top-tier electric vehicle charger that offers both functionality and sophistication, the Cityline 100 IDC is undeniably worth considering.

Manufacturer: Cityev

Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC Video Review

Cityev Manufacturing Company
 Video ReviewCityev Cityline 100 - IDC
Cityev Cityline 100 - IDC EV Charging Station Price and Review - EV Database
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