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MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON Compact 2.0 Price and Specs

Added to the EV Database on 19 October 2023
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price (NEW) from: 620,00 $
Mennekes Manufacturing Company
  • EV Charging Station MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON Compact 2.0 price
  • EV Charging Station MENNEKES AMTRON Charging station
  • EV Charging Station MENNEKES AMTRON home Charger
  • EV Charging Station MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON Compact 2.0 price
  • EV Charging Station MENNEKES AMTRON Charging station
  • EV Charging Station MENNEKES AMTRON home Charger

MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON Compact 2.0 Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON Compact 2.0.

MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON® Compact 2.0: A German-engineered Charging Marvel

MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON® Compact 2.0 emerges from Germany's cradle of precision engineering, showcasing that excellence can be compact. Designed explicitly for discerning homeowners, this wallbox fuses sophistication with functionality, bridging the gap between innovative tech and daily utility.

Elevate Your Charging Experience: Unbeatable Price and Features

manufactured inGermany
new from ($)620
power (kW)22
rated current (A)32
cable length7.5
connector typeType 2
simultaneous charging2
IP rating54

For a market price of $620, the MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON® Compact 2.0 becomes an investment in your EV’s future, promising durability, rapid charging, and user convenience.

Harnessing Power: Delving into the Technical Specifications

  • Power Output: An impressive 22 kW
  • Voltage: Standard 220V
  • Current Output: Robust 32A
  • Cable Length: Generous 7.5 meters for added convenience
  • Connector: Universal Type 2, catering to a wide range of EVs
  • Simultaneous Charging: Dual vehicle charging capability
  • Protection Level: IP54, suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups

Beyond the Basics: Distinctive Features Setting It Apart

  • Plug & Play Simplicity: No complex setups, just plug and juice up your vehicle.
  • Versatile Setups: Its IP54 rated design accommodates both indoor and outdoor installations, ensuring flexibility.
  • Universal Synergy: Effortless compatibility with the latest EVs, making the charging process a breeze.
  • Safety First: Equipped with residual current detection, this wallbox emphasizes user and vehicle safety.
  • Eco-aware Design: The wallbox's sleep mode consumes an incredibly low standby power (~1 W), underlining its commitment to sustainability.
  • Stay Informed: With its LED indicators, stay always updated on the charging status, even from a distance.
  • Neat & Tidy: The thoughtfully integrated cable management ensures the setup remains organized and hassle-free.

Crafting a Compact Charging Revolution: MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON® Compact 2.0

The MENNEKES AMTRON® Compact 2.0 embodies the future of home charging solutions. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on power or efficiency. Each feature has been meticulously crafted, bearing the user in mind, from its powerful charging capabilities to its organized design. It’s more than just a charger; it’s an experience, underscoring that sometimes, the best things indeed come in small packages.

Step into the future of EV charging with MENNEKES, where innovation is compacted into excellence.

Manufacturer: Mennekes

MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON Compact 2.0 Video Review

Mennekes Manufacturing Company
 Video ReviewMENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON Compact 2.0
MENNEKES Wallbox AMTRON Compact EV Charging Station Price and Review - EV Database
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