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Electra Aero eSTOL Price and Specs

Last updated: 14 March 2024
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What is Electra Aero?
  • Electra Aero eSTOL price
  • Electra Aero eSTOL specs
  • Electra Aero eSTOL review
  • Electra Aero eSTOL overview
  • Electra Aero eSTOL range
  • Electra Aero eSTOL release date
  • Electra Aero eSTOL price
  • Electra Aero eSTOL specs
  • Electra Aero eSTOL review
  • Electra Aero eSTOL overview
  • Electra Aero eSTOL range
  • Electra Aero eSTOL release date

Electra Aero eSTOL Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Electra Aero eSTOL

Electra Aero eSTOL price:

US$ 0

manufactured inUSA
sales start2026
flight altitude (m)900
flying time (min)180
flying range (km) 500
max. speed (km/h)323
passengers (qty)9
cargo capacity (kg)cargo capacity

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Electra Aero eSTOL Video Review

Logo of the Electra Aero Manufacturing Company
Video Review on Electra Aero eSTOL
Video review

The Electra Aero eSTOL Aircraft Unveiled

Unlocking the Future of Eco-Aviation with Electra Aero's eSTOL

In the skies of tomorrow, where the clarion call for sustainability echoes louder with each passing day, Electra Aero steps up with its pioneering hybrid-electric eSTOL (ultra-short takeoff and landing) aircraft. Aiming a spotlight on the green future of aviation, this technological prodigy marries the operational agility of rotor-winged crafts with the economical and safety merits of their fixed-wing counterparts. Positioned squarely to serve the under-served nooks and crannies of local air transportation, it caters to regions caught in the 50 to 500-mile conundrum — too far for the road, yet too close for conventional jetliners.

Its crowning achievement? Minimizing environmental disruption while zipping you swiftly from point A to B, sidestepping the bustle of conventional airports with the deftness of a dancer, all thanks to its ability to manage exceptionally quiet takeoffs and landings in spaces one might mistake for a well-manicured cricket ground.

Mastering the Air with Blown Lift Ingenuity

The secret sauce behind the Electra eSTOL’s nimbleness in the air lies in its avant-garde blown lift technology. By significantly enhancing the aircraft’s lift, this marvel of aerodynamics boasts the uncanny ability to climb and descend at a snail's pace of merely 35 mph. Hence, not only does it promise to transform a humble football pitch into a makeshift runway, but it also ensures that the journey remains pleasingly hush-hush, currying favor with territories eager for aerial service yet wary of cacophony.

Specs Unearthed: The Electra eSTOL at a Glance

- Sticker Price: The starting gate for ownership, before levies and specialized adornments
- Birthplace: Crafted with pride in the USA
- Debut: A rendezvous with the skies slated for 2026
- Skyward Bound: Climbs to a zenith of 900 meters
- Endurance: A stamina of up to 180 glorious minutes aloft
- Reach: A horizon of roughly 500 kilometers within its grasp
- Swiftness: Attains a brisk pace of up to 323 kilometers per hour
- Seating: Opens its wings to 9 souls
- Freight: Yet to be announced

Groundbreaking Journeys and Grand Ambitions

The initial leap of Electra's trailblazer, glistening with electric vitality, took to the heavens on the 11th day of November, soon followed by its hybrid-electric odyssey on the 19th. This pioneering escapade, lasting 23 minutes, climbed to an elevation of 3,200 feet, stretching over nearly 30 miles, thereby marking the dawn of a new chapter in eco-conscious air travel.

Perks En Route with Electra Aero's eSTOL

Trailblazer in Blown Lift Efficiency
Showcasing its dominion in blown lift efficiency, Electra’s eSTOL demands merely a sliver of the takeoff and landing pre-requisites of its traditional kin. It not only competes with the versatility of helicopters but does so with an appetite for energy that's but a fraction of other vertically adept aircraft.

The Charm of Fixed-Wing Simplicity
Dispensing with the intricacies of tilting components or baffling transitional flight rhetoric, Electra has kept its eSTOL wonderfully straightforward. Gliding in serene simplicity, it embodies the very essence of aerial grace.

A Smooth Pathway to Certification and Piloting
Basking in a well-defined route towards FAA's FAR Part 23 and EASA's CS-23 certifications, the Electra eSTOL is ready to embrace a world without unnecessary regulatory kerfuffles, ensuring a pilot's dream is but a standard fixed-wing license away.