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AC Propulsion

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Updated: 15 July 2024

What is AC Propulsion?

AC Propulsion is a renowned company specializing in electric vehicle powertrain technology. Known for their innovative and high-performance systems, AC Propulsion develops advanced electric drivetrains and charging solutions that enhance vehicle efficiency and performance, contributing to the advancement of sustainable transportation.

Company "AC Propulsion"

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A Glance at AC Propulsion: Innovators in Electric Drive Systems

Nestled in the hearth of San Dimas, California, sits a bastion of ingenuity known as AC Propulsion, a company that springs forth from a confluence of visionaries: Alan Cocconi, Wally Ripple, and Paul Carosa. Since its genesis in 1992, AC Propulsion has been the forge wherein the future of electric vehicle propulsion systems is hammered out. Specialists in the craft of alternating current-based drivetrain mechanisms, they fervently design and develop components that empower electric vehicles to glide across the roads.

From Concept to Asphalt: The Journey of AC Propulsion

Bursting onto the scene in 1994, AC Propulsion's AC-150 carved out a niche as a 200 horsepower avant-garde drive system designed specifically for the lean, mean machines of the compact to mid-size passenger category. It was here that they demonstrated a harmony between kinetics and efficiency, climbable only by electric drive vehicles, via the magic of their "reductive" integrated charger, casting a long shadow with a charging capability of 18kW whilst remaining feather-light on additional components.

The landscape was further set ablaze with the debut of the original tzero™ sports car at the LA Auto Show in 1997. This tempest on wheels roared from 0-60 mph in a hair-raising 4.9 seconds, yet danced gracefully over distances of 80-100 miles with lead-acid batteries strapped to its loin—a hint of Lithium offensive in 2003 transformed tzero, pushing boundaries to 300 miles with better speed, and unwittingly fuelling the Tesla mythos.

Come 2006, the unveiling of the eBox marked the birth of the world's maiden vehicle-to-grid capable electric chariot, a testament to AC Propulsion's unwavering advancement in design and technological prowess of electric drive and recharge systems.

Peer Beneath the Bonnet of AC Propulsion's Patent Portfolio

Lording over a vast demesne of intellectual property, AC Propulsion's patent folio is a labyrinthine archive detailing the bedrock of tomorrow—electric vehicle drivetrain, charging, and battery system technology. The lynchpin of these Herculean endeavors, their headquarters along with the engineering, testing, and pilot production Alcedo Volans, stretch their wings thirty miles east of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, across the Pacific, the eMotor Advance sanctum in Beijing pulsates with the rhythm of volume production, bringing the AC Propulsion vision into the tangible.

What Drives AC Propulsion: Aspirations and Aeroliths

In the pursuit of sovereignty over the electric and hybrid vehicle markets, AC Propulsion sails with the wind, driven by a triad of pillars: cutting-edge technology, product quality beyond reproach, and the satiation of customer whims. They paint a future where their technologies pave the avenue for sustainability, efficiency, and convenience in mobility—a trattoria for discerning palates that demands electric drive systems not only meet but exceed expectations.

Electric Vehicles Led by AC Propulsion's Definitive Flair

As these inquisitors of the electric frontier strut forward, their narrative is interwoven with hallmarks like the AC-150 and the eBox, further punctuated by the trailblazing ethos exemplified by the tzero™. In these machines, we glimpse not just vehicles, but phantoms of ambition made material, cruisers bearing the standard of an incandescent tomorrow. AC Propulsion remains a steward of electric dreams, steering us towards that shimmering horizon with unfaltering resolve and majestic innovation.

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