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EV Producer Arosno

«Arosno» EV Producer

Arosno - Without initial training, user enjoyment is at the heart of this important innovation in snow fun. Electronic tracing is a disruptive leisure device due to its unique concept and practice without initial training. The perfect combination of components specially designed to create harmony between product and user at maximum performance. The most suitable materials for winter conditions, providing maximum durability and minimum maintenance. Electronic tracing, innovation concentrate. E-trace is more than just a concept, it is a new word in snow recreation. The design was at the heart of the development of the e-trace to optimize and improve the initial qualities of the concept of the first stable and efficient e-snowbike on snow. Design focused on user pleasure. When developing e-trace, the combination of engineering and design allowed the most advanced technical components to be harmoniously integrated into an attractive, functional and formally optimized architecture. In this way, the product instantly and simply expresses its purpose, application and effectiveness: an easy and dynamic glide accessible to everyone. Cheerful, elegant, e-trace is a concentrate of the best modern technologies.

Published on 14 January 2022

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