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Updated: 15 July 2024

What is Cushman?

Company "Cushman"

⚡ Electric Golfcarts Manufacturing Company.

Cushman Electric Vehicles: Innovating Sustainable Mobility

In the world of electric vehicle production, there looms a titan by the name of Cushman, a behemoth retooling the very fabric of innovation and quality. Birthed from the entrepreneurial zeal of two kinfolk in the dawn of the 20th century, initially dabbling in farm machinery and two-cycle marine engines, Cushman has transcended its humble origins. Today, it emerges as a formidable force in the realm of utility vehicles, commanding respect and admiration across the globe.

A Storied Past: Cushman's Ascendancy

The saga of Cushman is steeped in a rich tapestry of history, its roots meandering back to epochs marked by global strife. Far beyond a mere purveyor of agricultural implements, Cushman transfigured into a vital cog amidst the cacophony of World War I, fabricating engines of two and four horsepower. These mechanical beasts breathed life into essential machinery – from water pumps to washing machines, they were the sinews of domestic and agricultural life during troubled times.

As the specter of World War II loomed, Cushman diversified, entering the scooter manufacture foray for Navy, Army, and Army Air Force applications. Over a century since the inaugural engine rolled off its assembly lines in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Cushman emblem stands tall as a beacon of reliability and resilience, a testament to the brand’s legacy across a multitude of domains.

Cushman Today: A Goliath of the Modern Era

In the current chapter of its illustrious narrative, Cushman finds its home within the sprawling confines of Textron Specialized Vehicles in Augusta, Georgia. Here, in a newly invigorated, cutting-edge 700,000-square-foot facility, the next generation of Cushman vehicles is painstakingly crafted.

Birthed from Textron's illustrious lineage, TeXtron Specialized Vehicles commands the global stage with its pioneering transportation solutions and unassailable manufacturing acumen. This alliance has catapulted the Cushman brand to unprecedented zeniths, solidifying its stature as a colossus of the industry.

The Cushman Emblem: An Icon of Excellence

Unyielding in its quest for excellence, Cushman ceaselessly produces top-shelf, rugged industrial carriers, trustworthy utility vehicles, and luxuriously comfortable personnel transport vehicles. The brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering industrial-caliber solutions spans a broad spectrum of sectors, untouched by compromise.

Cushman's Electric Vehicle Portfolio: A Harbinger of Progress

The vitality of Cushman is not merely anchored in its dignified heritage but in its agility to adapt and venture into the realms of sustainable transport. With a visionary gaze affixed on the horizon, Cushman has ventured boldly into electric vehicles, leading the charge with a meld of comfort, durability, and environmental guardianship.

From their unassuming beginnings, Cushman has remained steadfast to its foundational ethos whilst charging forward, ready to tackle the forthcoming tribulations within the electric vehicle sphere. The company exemplifies innovation, embodying the narrative of what fervor, persistence, and an unrelenting quest for quality can achieve.

Aligning with Cushman not only heralds unmatched performance but also signifies an unwavering pledge towards sustainable and revolutionary solutions, driving the future of mobility forward with unwavering zeal and innovative spirit.

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