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⚡ Electric Motorcycles Manufacturing Company.

Electric Motion - Several years later, despite many all kinds of obstacles, the history of our company enters a new phase. Design, create, innovate ... dust off is the DNA of EM. We are not interested in innovation for the sake of innovation. To be a company that demonstrates that the technological shift we've made makes sense, yes. To be a company that, on a solid foundation, first-class technical performance, proven experience and know-how, offers intelligent solutions through its motorcycles, yes. So we come to 2019 with many new challenges. After years of "success, big and small," our historic EM5.7 is over. Produced more than 1500 models, distributed in more than twenty countries, our various models have equipped schools, allowed some (young and old) to discover the pleasure of the practice of two-wheeled motorized off-road, legal, calm, safety and serenity, others to return to their first love, ease of access to our bicycles, returning taste to basic pleasure without the disadvantages of "gas bikes". And then, by the way, it was shown that in terms of competition, the same bike could climb several international podiums and win the national championship. A wonderful little career started off with a few whistles and taunts that only gave us even more energy.

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