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HIPERON Motors: Revolutionizing Electric Car Manufacturing

HIPERON Motors, a dynamic Malaysian automotive startup, is making waves in the industry with its innovative electric car lineup. Their flagship model, the four-door Fosslin crossover, features an electric-hydrogen engine, offering a unique blend of sustainability and performance. In addition to the Fosslin, HIPERON Motors has also unveiled the Hiperon Carrier, an all-electric van, showcasing their commitment to delivering diverse and eco-friendly transportation solutions. While the manufacturing takes place in Malaysia, the Fosslin's design was created by the European automotive design studio called One One Lab, with all engineering work completed in the USA.

Cutting-Edge Electric Cars

HIPERON Motors is at the forefront of electric car manufacturing, pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. Let's explore some of the notable products produced by HIPERON Motors:

  1. HIPERON Fosslin: The HIPERON Fosslin is a four-door crossover that combines electric and hydrogen technologies to provide an exceptional driving experience. With its eco-friendly engine and advanced features, the Fosslin offers a perfect balance between performance and environmental consciousness.

  2. HIPERON Carrier: The HIPERON Carrier is an all-electric van designed to meet the transportation needs of businesses and individuals. With its spacious interior, efficient electric drivetrain, and advanced connectivity features, the Carrier sets new standards for eco-friendly commercial vehicles.

International Collaboration for Excellence

HIPERON Motors embraces international collaboration to ensure the highest level of expertise in their designs and engineering. The Fosslin's captivating design was created by One One Lab, a renowned European automotive design studio known for its creativity and innovation. The engineering work, crucial to the vehicle's performance, was meticulously done in the USA, further highlighting HIPERON Motors' commitment to delivering exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology.

Driving Sustainable Transportation

HIPERON Motors is committed to driving sustainable transportation solutions by offering electric vehicles that minimize environmental impact. By incorporating electric and hydrogen technologies, HIPERON Motors aims to reduce carbon emissions and pave the way for a cleaner and greener future of mobility. Their innovative approach to electric car manufacturing demonstrates their dedication to sustainable transportation solutions.


HIPERON Motors, a Malaysian automotive startup, is revolutionizing the electric car manufacturing industry with their innovative and eco-friendly vehicles. With the HIPERON Fosslin and HIPERON Carrier, HIPERON Motors showcases their commitment to sustainability and performance. By leveraging international collaborations and advanced technologies, HIPERON Motors delivers cutting-edge electric cars that offer an exceptional driving experience while prioritizing environmental consciousness. Embrace the future of sustainable transportation with HIPERON Motors' groundbreaking electric car lineup.

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