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Ji Yue

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Updated: 15 July 2024

What is Ji Yue?

Ji Yue is a prominent company specializing in the development of advanced electric vehicles. Known for their innovative designs and commitment to sustainability, Ji Yue produces a range of eco-friendly cars that combine cutting-edge technology with stylish aesthetics, offering efficient and modern transportation solutions.

Company "Ji Yue"

⚡ Electric Cars Manufacturing Company.

Ji Yue: Electrifying the Roads with Intelligence and Elegance

Discovering the Essence of Ji Yue, Geely's Brainchild

Stepping into the limelight, Ji Yue ushers in an era of brilliance within the automobilism sphere, showcasing Geely Holding's audacious move towards the electrifying domain of intelligent electric conveyances. Embodied as a high-end marque, Ji Yue is on a mission to forge the future of automotive robotics, proposing a novel class of smart, interactive, and linked vehicular experiences, distinct from the conventional motorcar fabrications.

The Confluence of Geely and Baidu: A Pioneering Epoch

An evolutionary stride was witnessed on the fifteenth of August 2023, as Geely Holding Ensemble and Baidu Inc disclosed their consolidation, revealed through the birthing of Ji Yue. This alliance represents a conflux of Geely's vehicular fabricating prowess and Baidu's avant-garde AI technologies. The emergence of this premium label stands at the crossroads of intelligent innovation and opulent automobilism design.

Charging Ahead: Ji Yue's Visionary Path

Transcending the boundaries of mere car productions, Ji Yue's vision encapsulates the provision of an unparalleled intelligent automotive experience, recalibrating industry yardsticks. The marque's ambition encompasses not only the stewardship over sales, services, and marketing for its flagship, the Ji Yue 01, but also the genesis of an exclusive charging grid across the vast lands of China. This integrated approach highlights Ji Yue's devotedness to catering to the burgeoning consumer appetite for ingenious, electrically powered vehicles.

A Melting Pot of Mastery: The Craft of Geely and the Wit of Baidu's AI

The impending reveal of the Ji Yue 01 in the calendar's final quarter signifies the culmination of an exquisite melding of capabilities. The sturdy backbone provided by Geely's Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and its efficient supply nexus lays the groundwork for excellence in creation. Augmenting this is Baidu's matchless AI intellect, showcasing advanced intelligent interiors, self-steering proficiencies, and the revolutionary ERNIE Bot, a fresh crest in the large language model wave. This collaboration between phenomenal manufacturing acumen and AI ingenuity preps the Ji Yue 01 for a stellar entrance into the marketplace.

In summation, Ji Yue emerges as a lustrous testament to Geely's foresight and dedication to commandeering the intelligent mobility future. The partnership with Baidu catapults this vision into a higher stratum, marrying forefront technology with sumptuous vehicular design. Ji Yue transcends the conventional vehicle creation; it's a harbinger of the intelligent, interconnected, and sustainable commuting future. As the automobilism sector steers towards a more networked and smart epoch, Ji Yue stands ready at the helm, offering consumers not just a mode of transport but an entryway into the novel realm of intellectual mobility.

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