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EV Producer King Long

«King Long» EV Producer

King Long is active in the research and development of new and innovative technologies related to new energy sources, IT technologies, manufacturing processes, etc. The company has established a government-approved engineering research institute and testing center for new energy buses. King Long has developed several unique technologies (Smart Cloud Service Platform, Smart Go and ECO-Chip) that significantly improve the safety and efficiency of passenger transport. Bus Engineering Research Institute recognized, founded by King Long has been approved by the state corporate technology research institute, national test center and post-doctoral research center in Haixi (west coast of Taiwan Strait). The company continuously funds vehicle testing and testing to improve the reliability and safety of new vehicles. King Long also develops independent vehicle monitoring and control systems (Smart Cloud Service platform and ECO-Chip), which significantly increase the safety and efficiency of buses.
With 30 years of experience in innovative technology development, King Long has created a unique 'King Long Production Mode' bus production system that has been highly acclaimed by its peers in the industry. The main goal of King Long is customer satisfaction, which is why the company implements a TQM (quality management) system in its enterprise. The company has special equipment for testing vehicles (test track, automobile inspection line and physical and chemical laboratory).

Published on 03 November 2021

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