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EV Producer Valent Power

«Valent Power» EV Producer

Valent Power - Imagine a future where cars run emissions-free, where dependence on foreign oil is minimal, and charging an electric car is as quick and easy as filling up a car with gasoline. This vision initially inspired Valent Power to develop fast chargers for electric vehicles in 2011. After 25 years running a successful Silicon Valley equipment company, Valent Power CEO Corwin Nichols knew he wanted to get involved in the EV movement when he bought a 2011 Nissan Leaf. “I knew right away that electric vehicles were the future of transportation,” says Nichols. “Electric vehicle technology has been a natural direction for our research.” Backed by an innovative team of engineers, Valent Power is committed to developing electric vehicle charging technology that supports the clean energy future we envision. At VP, we believe that the positive social and environmental impact of our products is key to our long-term success and sustainability. In the EV market, this means helping build the charging infrastructure that is helping today's rapidly growing EV fleet. By making fast chargers an affordable charging solution, we hope to support more electric vehicles in more places, thus contributing to the future of transportation.

Published on 12 January 2022

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