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B4 Bikes
  • B4 E-Cruizer All Black 0.72 kWh
price (NEW) from: 7800,00 $

Electric Bike B4 E-Cruizer All Black 0.72 kWh description:

Electric Motorcycle B4 E-Cruizer All Black 0.72 kWh Specs and Price:

Retro style, harmoniously combined with modern high-tech electric drive, has been reinterpreted in the B4 E-Cruizer version of the bike. The electric bike model was designed and built jointly by Dutch designer Janpeter Eilander and electronics engineer Jos Lenssen as part of the Accenture Innovation Awards project. These two enthusiasts skillfully combined elements of an electric bike and a motorcycle into one vehicle, creating an unusual newfangled hybrid. The B4 E-Cruizer electric bike model, which looks like Harley-Davidson motorcycles, turned out to be not only very intriguing, but also functional. The first prototype of the B4 E-Cruizer electric bike was assembled back in November 2011. Over the course of three years, his version was subjected to multiple and quite significant improvements. The designers came to the conclusion that the model was ready for production only after 15 modified prototypes had been created. As shown by the results of practical tests on the track, the design of the B4 E-Cruizer electric bike, as well as the combination of its elements, turned out to be very successful. The invention of the Dutch can become a stylish and practical alternative to road transport, which is quite in demand in a situation of looking for practical solutions to reduce environmental pollution and the need to make daily trips over short distances.

manufactured inNetherlands
new from ($)7800
motocycle typeCruiser
sales start2019
range (km)75
max. speed45
battery (kWh)0.72
0 to100 km/hunknown
power (h.p.)1.36

Manufacturer: B4 Bikes

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B4 E-Cruizer All Black 0.72 kWh

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