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B4 E-Cruizer All Black

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Last updated: 27 July 2023
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  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 3
  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 1
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  • B4-E-Cruizer-All-Black
  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 3
  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 1
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  • B4 E-Cruizer All Black price
  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 3
  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 1
  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 2
  • B4 E-Cruizer All Black price
  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 3
  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 1
  • B4 E Cruizer All Black 2
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B4 E-Cruizer All Black Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new B4 E-Cruizer All Black

B4 E-Cruizer All Black price:

US$ 7800

manufactured in  Netherlands 
motocycle type  Cruiser 
sales start  2019 
range (km)  75 
max. speed  45 
transmission  chain 
battery (kWh)  0.72 
0 to100 km/h  unknown 
power (h.p.)  1.36 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

B4 E-Cruizer All Black: A Fusion of Vintage Glamour and Electric Innovation

Imagine a vehicle that whispers tales of yesteryear's metal giants but dances to the tune of today's green revolution; that, my friends, is the B4 E-Cruizer All Black. Born out of a collaborative symphony between a Dutch designer's pencil and an electronics engineer's blueprint, this electric cruiser bike is nothing short of a cultural icon metamorphosed into sustainable transport. With every detail, from its silhouette down to the nuts and bolts, it sings the ballad of classic motorcycles, with a nod to the legendary Harley-Davidsons, but with the heartbeat of green efficiency.

Main Specifications of the B4 E-Cruizer All Black

The Dutch Craftsmanship

Rooted deeply in the fertile grounds of the Netherlands, a country acclaimed for advancing the frontiers of sustainable mobility, resides the birthplace of the B4 E-Cruizer All Black. This hallmark of Dutch ingenuity adds a layer of refinement and reliability seldom seen in the electric two-wheeled steeds of our era.

Motorcycle DNA: The Cruiser Legacy

Carrying the essence of cruising in its bones, this electric steed is designed for those who seek the serenity of gentle rides. Its pedigree ensures a posture so comfortable, you'd wish your journey never ends.

Time Mastery: A 2019 Debut

Emerging into the limelight in 2019, the B4 E-Cruizer All Black has been at the forefront of electrifying the ethos of urban voyaging, showcasing an early leap into the embrace of electric mobility.

The Power Reservoir: Battery and Range

Boasting a 0.72 kWh lithium-ion battery, this marvel offers a treasure chest of power ample enough to conquer the urban sprawl. With 75 km of range on a single charge and a maximum speed of 45 km/h, it redefines city limits.

The Seamless Transmission

Through the veins of the B4 E-Cruizer All Black runs a chain transmission system, a conduit for smooth, uninterrupted power, ensuring every turn of the wheel is as seamless as the first.

The Heartbeat: Electric Motor Power

At its core, a 1.36 horsepower electric motor breathes life into this ride, offering a perfect balance of power for the urban explorer.

Retro Aesthetics Meet Modern Functionality

Drawing breath from the heartthrobs of the past, the B4 E-Cruizer All Black is a testament to timeless design, seamlessly integrating the allure of vintage motorcycles with the prowess of modern electric technology.

A Stylish, Sensible Choice

More than just a statement of style, it presents a solution—a call to arms for eco-conscious souls yearning for a blend of fashion and function in their daily commute. Here stands the B4 E-Cruizer All Black, an emblem of sustainable innovation, ready to take on the urban jungle.

In essence, the B4 E-Cruizer All Black does not only stand as a testament to the fusion of vintage glamour and electric innovation but champions the cause for a cleaner, greener, and more stylish urban mobility. Its distinct personality and specifications make it an irresistible choice for those looking to add a dash of elegance to their eco-friendly lifestyle.

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