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Evoke Motorcycles
  • Evoke 6061- XR 29.8 kWh
price (NEW) from: 30000,00 $

Electric Bike Evoke 6061- XR 29.8 kWh description:

Electric Motorcycle Evoke 6061- XR 29.8 kWh Specs and Price:

Beijing-based Evoke Motorcycles has unveiled the 6061 Electric Oil Bike with impressive performance and surprisingly fast battery life. Electric motorcycles still cannot fully compete with classic ICE bikes due to two of their main weaknesses, in addition to high price: limited mileage before connecting to the mains and long battery recharge. Evoke 6061 seems to be able to: its urban range at 30-50 km/h is close to 470 kilometers, its range on the highway at 140 km/h is 265, and its recharge time is only a quarter of an hour! The electric bike is equipped with a large water-cooled 24.8 kWh battery pack, which, when used with a 125 kW Level 3 DC charger, can be “invigorated” up to eighty percent in 15 minutes. The motorcycle also has a standard on-board 1.8-kilowatt household power charger. The Evoke 6061- XR permanent magnet synchronous motor develops 160 horsepower, so there should be no doubt about the prefix "power" in the name of the motorcycle class. The red zone on the tachometer starts at 8000 rpm, and the maximum speed of the electric motorcycle according to the official website is more than 230 kilometers per hour.

manufactured inChina
new from ($)30000
motocycle typeCruiser
sales start2021
range (km)470
max. speed230
battery (kWh)29.8
0 to100 km/h3.0
power (h.p.)160

Manufacturer: Evoke Motorcycles

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Evoke 6061- XR 29.8 kWh

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