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Evoke 6061- XR Price and Specs

Last updated: 16 October 2023
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What is Evoke Motorcycles?
  • Evoke 6061- XR price
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  • Evoke 6061- XR price
  • Evoke 6061--XR 3
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Evoke 6061- XR Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Evoke 6061- XR

Evoke 6061- XR price:

US$ 30000

manufactured inChina
motocycle typeCruiser
sales start2021
range (km)470
max. speed230
battery (kWh)29.8
0 to100 km/h3.0
power (h.p.)160

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Evoke 6061- XR Video Review

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Video Review on Evoke 6061- XR
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Evoke 6061- XR: Charging into the Future with Electric Might

Gentlemen and gentlewomen, permit me to usher you into the epoch where the chant of exhausts fades into the whisper of electricity. Among the heralds of this new dawn is the Evoke 6061- XR, an electric cruiser that shakes the very foundations of what we believed possible. Produced by the minds over at Evoke Motorcycles in Beijing, this machine is not just a mere two-wheeled conveyance; it is a harbinger of the electric tide, ready to sweep away the cobwebs of range anxiety and the doldrums of slow charging.

Evoke 6061- XR Specifications: A Deep Dive into Electrifying Details

At the heart of the 6061- XR lurks a titanic 29.8 kWh water-cooled battery colossus, setting this electric cruiser apart with its stupendous range and untamed power. It boasts an urban range of roughly 470 kilometers, allowing you to glide through city streets with the grace of a gazelle at speeds of 30-50 km/h. Venture onto the highway, and it will carry you approximately 265 kilometers at the blistering speed of 140 km/h. Its charging prowess is equally remarkable, with the ability to guzzle up to 80% battery capacity in merely 15 minutes through a 125 kW Level 3 DC charger, while a conventional 1.8-kilowatt household charger is included for more relaxed refueling sessions.

Explosive Electric Performance

The 6061- XR’s heart beats to the rhythm of a formidable permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a mighty output of 160 horsepower. This mechanical marvel not only thrusts the cruiser into realms of exhilarating acceleration but also anchors its status at the zenith of electric mobility. Capable of breaching the 230 kilometers per hour threshold, confirmed by its creators, the 6061- XR emboldens riders to flirt with the edge of their seats.

The Electric Crusade: Evoke 6061- XR at the Vanguard

Evoke Motorcycles, the luminary behind the 6061- XR, stands at the helm of the electric insurrection. From their stronghold in Beijing, they are not simply crafting electric motorcycles; they are sculpting the future, piece by piece. The 6061- XR is their latest chef-d'oeuvre, pushing the electric envelope with its awe-inspiring range, rapid charging capabilities, and formidable power output. In a world still clinging to the familiar growl of petrol engines, the Evoke 6061- XR stands poised to challenge the old guard, proving that electric cruisers can, indeed, hold their ground against their gasoline-fueled brethren.

In the crucible of progress, the Evoke 6061- XR emerges as a thunderbolt, illuminating the path for electric cruisers. Its extensive range eradicates the shadows of range anxiety, while its swift charging times add a vibrant burst of momentum to any journey. Coupled with its bristling power output, the Evoke 6061- XR is not merely a motorcycle; it is a statement, a testament to the boundless potential of electric propulsion.

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