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Flux Primo Price and Specs

Last updated: 20 December 2023
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What is Flux Performance?
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  • Flux Primo electric motorcycle

Flux Primo Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Flux Primo

Flux Primo price:

US$ 12650

manufactured inSlovakia
motocycle typeOff-road
sales start2025
battery (kWh)7
0 to100 km/hno data
power (h.p.)85

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Flux Primo Video Review

Logo of the Flux Performance Manufacturing Company
Video Review on Flux Primo
Video review

The Flux Primo: A Glimpse into the Electrifying Future of Off-Road Adventures

From the bustling innovation hubs of Europe emerges Flux Performance, a fledgling powerhouse in the electric motorcycle domain, revealing its latest marvel, the Flux Primo. This high-end prototype electric off-road motorcycle is on a mission to redefine the norms of electric biking, pledging to substantiate its performance through real-world testing alongside its users.

A Peep into the Mechanical Symphony

At the core of the Primo's design lies a harmonious amalgamation of an aluminium twin-spar frame, KYB forks, and an Ohlins shock, crafting an exhilarating off-road escapade. 

Boasting a jaw-dropping 85hp and an astonishing torque of 750Nm, the Primo rises high above its rivals. Yet, what truly distinguishes it is a clutch mechanism straight out of a futuristic fantasy.

Chassis and Suspension: A Symphony of Strength and Suppleness

Flux Performance spares no effort in concocting a robust chassis and suspension system. The motorcycle achieves an equilibrium in weight distribution and an admirably low center of gravity, thanks to its lightweight aluminium framework derived from HM Moto bikes. The seamless integration of their electric drivetrain within this revered frame ensures the bike maintains its fabled stability and swiftness, especially when conquering enduro and motocross terrains.

The Might of 85hp

Gleaning inspiration from the world of Formula 1, the Primo's 7.7kg engine unfurls an impressive 85hp alongside 750Nm, encapsulated within straight cut gears designed for minimal power losses and weight reduction. An advanced cooling system for both the engine and individual battery cells guarantees power preservation, even under the scorching veil of battle.

The Clutch, Reimagined

Treading further into the realm of innovation, the Primo flaunts a 'virtual' clutch, rendering obsolete the traditional clutch components and their associated dilemmas of overheating or unnecessary heft.

Active Regenerative Braking: A Leap Forward

Among the many aces up Primo's sleeve is its pioneering active regenerative braking system, a novel concept for off-road motorcycles. This ingenious mechanism replenishes the battery upon braking, significantly enhancing the motorcycle’s range. A reverse feature proves invaluable for navigating through the most challenging of terrains.

Effortless Battery Replacement

In response to the prevalent anxieties regarding electric motorcycles' range and charge times, Flux introduces a swift battery exchange protocol, enabling riders to swap their 400V batteries in the blink of an eye, thus mitigating downtime immeasurably.

Upholding the Banner of Authentic Data

Challenging the rampant exaggerations in the electric vehicle sector, Flux Performance aspires to cultivate authentic power consumption metrics by inviting collaboration with its user base, striving to ensure their claims resonate emphatically with on-the-ground experiences.

The Flux Primo: Tailor-Made for the Maverick Spirit

Through the Engine Tuner App, the Primo offers riders the flexibility to finetune their machine's power output, ranging from mellow moped to full-throttle intensity. This bespoke adventure is further accentuated by an ensemble of accelerometers, gyros, and a potent processor, ensuring a ride that's meticulously calibrated to the rider’s preferences. Safety remains paramount, with anti-theft measures encompassing smartphone PIN locks and more.

From Visionary Prototype to Tangible Thrill

Though still in its prototype phase, the Flux Primo is on the cusp of beginning production, with a runway set towards a 2024 market debut. Priced at an estimated €12,000, enthusiasts are already queuing up for pre-orders.

The narrative of the Flux Primo, penned by Flux Performance, weaves together innovation, a commitment to integrity, and an unparalleled riding experience, heralding it as a significant leap forward in the journey of electric motorcycles.