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BMW CE 02 Price and Specs

  • BMW CE 02 price
  • BMW CE 02 electric
  • BMW CE 02 electric bike
  • BMW CE 02 electric motorcycle
  • BMW CE 02 price
  • BMW CE 02 electric
  • BMW CE 02 electric bike
  • BMW CE 02 electric motorcycle

BMW CE 02 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new BMW CE 02

BMW CE 02 price:

US$ 7599

manufactured inGermany
motocycle typeCity Bike
sales start2023
range (km)90
max. speed95
battery (kWh)3.92
power (h.p.)15

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

BMW CE 02 Video Review

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Video Review on BMW CE 02
Video review

Unveiling the BMW CE 02: A New Chapter in Urban Electric Mobility

In the electrified corridors of urban mobility, there emerges a protagonist that redefines the narrative of city travel, the BMW CE 02. With a flourish, this German engineered electric two-wheeler graces the streets, not just adhering to trends but crafting them. Tagged at a starting bounty of $7,599, it amalgamates style, sustainability, and spirited performance, offering an avant-garde approach to navigating the urban sprawl.

The Dawn of Electrifying Ride: Decoding the BMW CE 02

Carved with meticulous precision, the BMW CE 02 stands as an anarchic entity in the electric mobility domain. Surpassing the simplistic notion of a moped and eclipsing the traditional scooter, it breeds a novel genus of conveyance - the eParkourer. This electric titan tempts riders towards the urban playground, promising exhilaration with each awakening ride.

Accessibility Meets Innovation: Seamless Navigation

Aesthetics and performance aside, this city cruiser champions inclusivity. Armed with an M endorsement on one's driver’s license, the BMW CE 02 emerges as a beacon of effortless mobility, democratizing eco-friendly traversal across the urban tapestry.

Reimagining Urban Landscapes: A Green Crusade

With its eye-catching design, the CE 02 foments a quiet revolution, a visual and acoustic oxymoron, it stands out in silent defiance. Offering not just a mode of transportation but an emblem of stylish dissent, it propounds an eco-sensitive voyage.

Navigating the Concrete Jungle: The Dance of Agility and Elegance

Amidst the chaos of urban commuting, the BMW CE 02 distinguishes itself with ballerina-like poise. Agile, innovative, and unabashedly daring, this eParkourer doesn’t merely traverse cityscapes, it captivates them, providing a rapture unattainable by its electric counterparts.

Embracing the Youthful Essence: A Duet of Power and Play

Adjusting its rhythm to the varied heartbeat of riders, the BMW CE 02 unfurls in two harmonious renditions: the robust 11 kW (15 hp) model and the lively 4 kW (5 hp) variant, each echoing the youthful zeal of its rider.

Empowering Journeys: A Saga of Technical Mastery

Proclaiming its prowess, the CE 02 vaunts impressive candidature, with the 11 kW version surging to a zenith of 59 mph and boasting a 55-mile embrace, whilst its 4 kW kin offers a gentle caress at 28 mph over a 28-mile caress, all nurtured by a diligent 3.92 kWh battery.

Effortless Refueling: Charging Evolution

Shunning the traditional charging ordeal, it welcomes a future where rejuvenation requires naught but a humble household socket. The optional Highline package, with its swift charger, heralds an epoch of ease, eliminating the tedium of prolonged recharging.

A Symphony of Ride Modes: A Tailor-Made Odyssey

The CE 02's 'Flow' and 'Surf' ride modes are not mere selections but an extension of the rider's soul. Whether craving the tranquility of a cruise or the zest of a street dash, it accommodates every whim. The exclusive 'Flash' mode, under the Highline package, propels the escapade to dynamic zeniths.

Structural Ingenuity: Peering into the Chassis and Aesthetics

Delving into the anatomical essence, the CE 02’s skeleton articulates mastery. A tubular steel double-loop frame, inverted telescopic fork, and an adjustable shock absorber promise steadfastness and agility. Tailored for universal appeal yet distinctly individual, it strikes a harmonious balance between collective allure and singular charisma.

Interactive Odyssey: The Fusion of Technology and Travel

This journey acquaints riders with interactive narratives, courtesy of its 3.5-inch TFT display and seamless smartphone integration via the BMW Motorrad Connected app. From supervising charge levels to converting your phone into an auxiliary dashboard, it encapsulates the zenith of digital amenity.

Personalization at its Peak: Curating Your Expedition

The BMW CE 02 celebrates the uniqueness of every adventurer. With its Highline package, it invites personalization, offering amenities ranging from heated grips for comfort to an electric reverse gear for pragmatic elegance, crafting an expedition that mirrors one's desires.

Reinventing Urban Excursions: A Testament to Eco-Conscious Living

Donned in Cosmic Black and graced with the enticing Highline package option, the BMW CE 02 transcends mere transport; it embodies a lifestyle. Challenging the conventional, it heralds a novel epoch of urban exploration. With BMW MOTORRAD’s heritage as its backbone, the CE 02 transcends to not just a contrivance but a harbinger of sustainable commuting.