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Gravton ARQ

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Last updated: 27 July 2023
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What is Gravton Motors?
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  • Gravton ARQ 1
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  • Gravton-ARQ
  • Gravton ARQ 1
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  • Gravton ARQ price
  • Gravton ARQ 1
  • Gravton ARQ 2
  • Gravton ARQ 3
  • Gravton ARQ price
  • Gravton ARQ 1
  • Gravton ARQ 2
  • Gravton ARQ 3
Image credit: Gravton Motors

Gravton ARQ Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Gravton ARQ

Gravton ARQ price:

US$ 1500

manufactured in  India 
motocycle type  Classic 
sales start  2023 
range (km)  140 
max. speed  110 
transmission  Clutchless direct drive 
battery (kWh)  4.2 
0 to100 km/h  unknown 
power (h.p.)  10 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Gravton ARQ: The Dawn of Electric Motorcycle Innovation

Behold the Gravton ARQ, a symphony of electric propulsion and ingenuity mounted on two wheels. Born from the fusion of bionic principles and a deep reverence for Mother Earth, the ARQ emerges as a unique specimen in the ever-evolving echelons of electric motorcycles. Its core intention? To shepherd riders through the asphalt jungle and beyond, equipped with a dual battery system designed for an uninterrupted odyssey and a staggering 16-liter cranium vault for your helmet storage conundrums.

Technical Orchestration of the Gravton ARQ

Coursing through the veins of the ARQ is a formidable 4.2 kWh electric heart, propelling it to conquer both the urban sprawl and untouched backroads. A remarkable journey upwards of 140 kilometers awaits the intrepid rider, with the wind coursing through their helmet at an exhilarating 110 km/h at full tilt.

Engage in the seamless waltz of transmission with the clutchless direct drive, a testament to the ARQ's commitment to smoothness and efficiency. While whispers of its acceleration prowess are guarded like a heavily fortified secret, rest assured, the 10 horsepower motor is no slouch when the light turns green.

Ingenuity: Dual Battery Pack & A Helm's Haven

The dual battery pack of the Gravton ARQ is akin to possessing a quiver of infinite arrows. This forward-thinking augmentation ensures that your adventures are limited only by your wanderlust, not by your ride's endurance. Complemented by a cavernous 16-liter niche for your helm, the ARQ exemplifies the harmonious balance between utility and environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Craftsmanship Defines The Gravton ARQ

Forged in the fires of innovation within the Indian subcontinent, the ARQ is an emblem of Gravton Motors' eco-conscious ethos. From its inception, every curve and component was envisioned to tread lightly on our planet. The bionic design—a narrative woven from the threads of nature itself—stands as a testament to the brand's allegiance to ecological harmony.

Acquisition and Fiscal Considerations

The year 2023 marks the epoch when the Gravton ARQ will grace the Indian territories, igniting the electric motorcycle fervor. Poised to make ripples in the motorcycle sphere, this electric steed commands attention with its enviable specifications and a price tag that belies its sophistication—$1500, inviting riders to the vanguard of eco-friendly mobility without the fiscal ordeal.

As the ARQ beckons the environmentally astute and the trailblazers of tarmac, Gravton Motors stands on the cusp of redefining electric mobility in India. With aspirations that soar beyond mere transportation, the ARQ is not just a motorcycle; it's a voyage towards a greener tomorrow on the wings of electricity.

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