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ONYX RCR 72V Price and Specs

Added to the EV Database on 21 March 2023
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price (NEW) from: 4999,00 $
Onyx Motorbikes Electrik Motorcycle Manufacturer
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  • ONYX RCR 72V price
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ONYX RCR 72V Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new ONYX RCR 72V.

The ONYX RCR 72V is an electric City Bike that exudes excellence, meticulously hand-built in the United States. This impressive two-wheeler stands apart with its potent motor and exceptional performance capabilities, solidifying its position as the top choice for riders yearning for an electrifying urban commuting experience. Let's delve into the comprehensive specifications and technical features of the magnificent ONYX RCR 72V.

Crafted in the USA: A Symbol of Quality and Excellence

The ONYX RCR 72V proudly carries the "Made in USA" tag, signifying unmatched craftsmanship and quality. This electric marvel is a product of American engineering, ensuring top-notch standards and reliability.

manufactured inUSA
new from ($)4999
motocycle typeCity Bike
sales start2019
range (km)112
max. speed89
battery (kWh)2.95
0 to100 km/hunknown
power (h.p.)17.4

Unveiling the Pricing and Sales Debut

Launching its journey in 2019, the ONYX RCR 72V made waves in the market with its competitive pricing. Priced at just ($)4999, this city bike offers an exceptional value proposition, making it an attractive option for riders seeking an unparalleled urban riding adventure.

Unmatched Electric City Bike Experience

A Journey Without Limits: Impressive Range and Battery

The heart of the ONYX RCR 72V lies in its powerful 2.95 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. With this substantial battery capacity, riders can enjoy an extended range of approximately 112 kilometers on a single charge. Say goodbye to frequent recharging and embrace longer city rides without any worries.

Unleashing Potent Power: Performance and Motor

Beneath its sleek design lies a robust 3kW rear hub motor, coupled with a 200 amp controller, and fueled by 72V of power. The motor's peak performance reaches an impressive 14kW, offering the ONYX RCR 72V unparalleled power and acceleration. With 17.4 horsepower (h.p.), equivalent to 125cc gas engine motorcycles, this electric city bike promises a thrilling and exhilarating ride for all adventure seekers.

Rapid Thrills: Acceleration to Glory

The ONYX RCR 72V sets a new standard for rapid acceleration. Weighing merely 150 lbs and equipped with a powerful motor, this bike can blaze from 0 to 30 mph (approximately 0 to 48 km/h) in just 3 seconds. Experience an adrenaline-fueled joyride, making it ideal for navigating through bustling city streets with ease and swiftness.

Embrace the Speed: Maximum Velocity

With a maximum speed of approximately 89 km/h (approximately 55 mph), the ONYX RCR 72V grants riders the perfect balance between speed and safety. Conquer city commuting and embark on exhilarating recreational rides while enjoying the bike's commendable performance and stability.

Unrivaled Efficiency: Chain Transmission System

The ONYX RCR 72V incorporates a reliable and efficient chain transmission system. Known for its seamless power transfer from the motor to the wheels, this transmission system ensures a smooth and consistent riding experience, enhancing overall performance and control.

Unwavering Confidence: 2-Year Warranty

Every owner of the ONYX RCR 72V receives the assurance of a 2-year warranty that covers both workmanship and every component on the bike. This comprehensive warranty bestows unwavering confidence, assuring riders of the bike's durability and the manufacturer's commitment to excellence.

Embrace the Future of Urban Commuting

In conclusion, the ONYX RCR 72V stands as a high-performance electric City Bike, representing the epitome of American ingenuity and craftsmanship. Its powerful motor, impressive range, swift acceleration, and lightweight design contribute to an unparalleled riding experience for both urban commuters and motorcycle enthusiasts. The ONYX RCR 72V has garnered immense popularity due to its exceptional specifications and unwavering attention to detail, making it the most coveted choice among electric motorcycle enthusiasts.

Note: The precise acceleration to 100 km/h (62 mph) time has not been provided in the available information. For detailed performance insights, it's recommended to refer to the manufacturer's official specifications.

Manufacturer: Onyx Motorbikes

ONYX RCR 72V Video Review

Onyx Motorbikes Manufacturing Company
 Video ReviewONYX RCR 72V
ONYX RCR 72V Electric Bike Price and Review - EV Database
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