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TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 Price and Specs

Last updated: 12 April 2024
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What is Tacita?
  • TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 price
  • TACITA T Cruise Urban T65 1
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  • TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 price
  • TACITA T Cruise Urban T65 1
  • TACITA T Cruise Urban T65 2
  • TACITA T Cruise Urban T65 3
  • TACITA T Cruise Urban T65 4
TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 price

TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65.

TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 price *:

20775 US$

manufactured inItaly
motocycle typeHeavy Motorcycle
sales start2020
range (km)210
max. speedunknown
battery (kWh)17.2
0 to100 km/hunknown
power (h.p.)59

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65: A Dynamo on Two Wheels

Imagine a motorbike that whispers instead of roars, a stallion from the future, sleek and fervent. That’s the TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 for you. Since its debut onto the scene in 2020, this Italian marvel has been turning heads and recalibrating what we expect from two-wheeled electrified transport. It’s not just a Heavy Motorcycle; it’s a harbinger of a greener, more exhilarating way to conquer the urban sprawl.

Unraveling the Specifications of TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65

Battery Life and Expedition Range

At the core of the TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 lies a formidable 17.2 kWh battery, the heart that beats strong and silent. It grants the rider a majestic range of up to 210 kilometers on one charge, blurring the lines between city escapades and countryside explorations.

Might and Marvels of Performance

Under its hood, or rather, within its frame, thrums an electric motor capable of mustering 59 horsies—that's 59 horsepower of unadulterated zeal ready to pounce on the asphalt. This bike doesn’t gallop; it glides, with an invigorating mix of zest and serenity.

Styling and Persona

But what’s brawn without beauty? The T-Cruise Urban T65 is no mere brutish conveyance; it melds the robust frame of a heavy motorcycle with the soul of a custom cruiser. Tailored finishes mean this mechanical beast is a chameleon, adapting its aesthetics to reflect the personality of its rider.

Ride Initiation Ritual

Fumbling for keys is passé. The T-Cruise Urban T65 respects your need for elegance and ease, presenting an electric starter. A mere push is all it takes to awaken this electric knight and set forth on your metal-steed.

The Veil on Velocity and Vigor

While specific numerical testaments of its maximum velocity and sprint capabilities remain shrouded in mystery, the whispers among aficionados speak volumes. It is hinted that the TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 is no slouch on the tracks or the streets.

Verdict: TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 - A Silent Revolution

The TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 isn’t just another addition to the electric motorcycle realm; it's a beacon of progress, priced at a minimum of 20775 US dollars. From its inception in Italy, it stands as a testament to what electric mobility ought to be—powerful, poised, and prodigiously capable. Whether it's the pull of its torque or the allure of its form, the T-Cruise Urban T65 promises a ride that's as enthralling as it is eco-conscious. For those with a yearning for an electric ride that marries substance with style, the T-Cruise Urban T65 awaits to enchant and exhilarate. Remember, to capture the full essence of this metallic mystique, one must seek the wisdom direct from its creators.

Note: The cloak of enigma surrounding its acme of speed and quickness to 100 km/h invites prospective riders to seek enlightenment from the manufacturer’s sanctum for precise prowess.

Manufacturer: Tacita

TACITA T-Cruise Urban T65 Video Review

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