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Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 Price and Specs

Last updated: 05 July 2023
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What is Cenntro?
  • Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 price
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  • Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 price
  • Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 1
  • Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 2
  • Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 3
  • Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 5
  • Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 4
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Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Cenntro LOGISTAR 260

Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 price:

US$ 38000

manufactured inGermany
sales start2023
range (km)270
battery (kWh)43.5
max. speed (km/h)80
0 to100 km/h38000
power (h.p.)100
car type
drive typeRWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 Video Review

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Video Review on Cenntro LOGISTAR 260
Video review

Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 43.5 kWh: A New Epoch in Utility Vans

Ushering in a fresh era in the N1 vehicle category, the Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 43.5 kWh stands as a behemoth, crafting an entirely new dimension within the van sphere. Sporting elegantly robust dimensions—5.5 meters in length, 1.85 meters in width, and a towering 2 meters in height—this leviathan van boasts a cavernous load capacity of 7.5 cubic meters. Equipped with two pragmatic side loading doors alongside ultra-flexible rear doors capable of flinging open up to a full 270°, this stalwart vehicle is at the forefront, sculpting the future of the logistics world.

Excelling in Payload Prowess and Vast Operational Reach

The LS260 brandishes a commendable payload capacity tipping the scales at approximately 1,280 kilograms combined with a prodigious operational reach of up to 270 kilometers, hence capacitating the LS260 to span a wide array of applications. Be it artisanal trade maneuvers, expedient courier services, swift parcel dispatching, avant-garde logistics solutions, or meticulous facility management, the LS260 stands primed and ready to fulfill your requisites with aplomb.

Engineered for Peak Performance and Passenger Solace

Every nook and cranny of the LOGISTAR 260 43.5 kWh bellows unparalleled performance. Its architecture, from the outward shell to the inner sanctum, is conceived to deliver unmatched results. Courtesy of its aluminum alloy skeleton combined with composite plastic front panels, it presents a harmonious juxtaposition of durability and in-cabin tranquility. Crafted to infuse every journey with confidence, the LOGISTAR 260 heralds each day as an opportunity for productivity.

Lavish Cabin Design and Functional Touches

The commodious cabin of the LS260 transcends the conventional confines of a driver’s quarter. Imbued with thoughtful design, it metamorphoses into a veritable mobile command center, poised to accommodate the fluid exigencies of contemporary commerce. This cabin, a tribute to Cenntro's perspicacity into their clientele's necessities, ensures seamless execution of daily business undertakings.

Abundant Cargo Hold and Ingenious Stowage Solutions

In the domain of cargo accommodation, the LOGISTAR 260 distinctly distinguishes itself, supporting the facile installation of racks and bins. This foresight in design renders it an impeccable ally for the secure and effective stowage of tools, provisions, equipment, et al. By catering to a spectrum of commercial needs, the LS260 avails a steadfast conduit for superior performance across the most daunting of terrains.

The Cenntro LOGISTAR 260 43.5 kWh transcends being merely a vehicle—it emerges as an epoch-making instrument, reimagining the N1 vehicle segment. With its intricately tailored features and capabilities, it is prepped to propel your enterprise forward with both confidence and élan.

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