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BYD K7M ER 30' ELECTRIC BUS Price and Specs

Last updated: 06 July 2023

What is BYD Buses?
  • BYD K7M ER  30
  • BYD K7M ER 30
  • BYD K7M ER  30
  • BYD K7M ER 30


Price and Technical Specifications of the new BYD K7M ER 30' ELECTRIC BUS


US$ 0

manufactured inChina
sales start2018
range (km)315
battery (kWh)313
bus typetransit bus
seats (qty)21

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

BYD K7M ER 30' ELECTRIC BUS Video Review

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Video Review on BYD K7M ER  30
Video review

BYD K7M ER 30' Electric Bus: A Leap Forward in Green Transit

Welcome to a new epoch in eco-friendly public conveyance. Forged with precision in the workshops of China and gracing the streets since 2018, the BYD K7M ER 30' Electric Bus emerges as a harbinger of innovation in the sphere of sustainable travel. This chariot synthesizes exemplary craftsmanship, unmatched vigour, and the avant-garde tech of forthcoming days to proffer an experience that not solely cherishes Mother Earth but also excels in delivering stellar performance.

Navigating the Concrete Expanses: The Stupendous Range of the BYD K7M ER 30' Electric Bus

Venturing into territories unknown and distances far-reaching, the BYD K7M ER 30' Electric Bus boasts an awe-inspiring odyssey capability—up to 315 kilometers without the necessity for an energy replenishment. This impressive endurance is sculpted to meet the inexorable demands of transit networks craving non-stop operation across vast stretches.

The Heartbeat of the Electric Giant: The BYD K7M ER 30' Electric Bus Battery

Indeed, a primary architect of the bus's striking range is its formidable battery, with a capacity of 313 kWh. Nestled within the bus's skeleton, this electric pulsar is crafted from BYD's supreme lithium iron phosphate technology. These batteries don't merely exude power; they're acclaimed as the safest and most durable in the arena.

A Sanctuary on Wheels: The BYD K7M ER 30' Electric Bus Seating Capacity

When conceiving transit colossuses, space and cosiness reign supreme. The K7M ER Electric Bus, with its capacious 102-inch-wide carriage, guarantees a serene voyage for its passengers. With seating for 21 souls, this bus pledges an expedition that's both airy and pleasurable.

Exceeding Transit Aspirations: The Unwavering Reliability of the BYD K7M ER 30' Electric Bus

In an era where global transit systems demand nothing short of impeccable reliability, the K7M ER Electric Bus rises to the occasion. Anchored in BYD's unwavering dedication to quality, this vehicle is not just dependable but is crafted to endure the sands of time.

The Electric Colossus' Legacy: An Ode to BYD's History

BYD's genesis as a humble battery maker in 1995, to its ascendancy as one of the globe's colossal battery producers, delineates a tale of relentless pursuit and innovation. As a trailblazer in battery technology, BYD has etched its name in the annals of the electric vehicle empire by developing the safest battery solutions, thus securing its dominion in this swiftly evolving sector.

In sum, the BYD K7M ER 30' Electric Bus transcends mere transportation; it embodies the fruition of innovation. This bus paints the narrative of a company's illustrious lineage fused with progressive technology, forging a pathway not only towards a greener planet but also championing in reliability, potency, and readiness to carve the future of public transportation.