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Nova Bus
  • NOVA BUS LFSe+ 594 kWh

Nova Bus EV Specs and Price.

EV NOVA BUS LFSe+ 594 kWh description.

NOVA BUS LFSe+ 594 kWh Electric Car Specs and Price.

The LFSe+ is a 100% electric heavy-duty transit bus, based on the proven LFS platform, and integrates powerful electric propulsion technology optimized for harsh operating conditions. An unparalleled driving and riding experience, significant reduction in noise level, zero emission and a continuous operational range thanks to the OppCharge technology are just a few of the advantages this advanced electric vehicle system has to offer. No gear shifting and silent operation that gives passengers a pleasant ride. Rapid and fully automatic charging at end stations helps you stay on schedule. No indoor space is sacrificed, our Full Electric vehicle let you transport passengers, not batteries. Powered with up to 564 kWh on onboard energy, the LFSe+ will soon be in the streets of several cities across America, including Broome County, in the state of NY. The positive market response to the new LFSe+ is another proof that Nova Bus expertise pairing with the latest, clean and sustainable technologies is a response to today's needs.

manufactured inCanada
sales start2021
range (km)470
battery (kWh)594
bus typetransit bus
seats (qty)36

Manufacturer: Nova Bus

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NOVA BUS LFSe+ 594 kWh

NOVA BUS LFSe+ 594 kWh EV Video Review

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