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RAMPINI E60 Specs and Price ⚡ Electric Bus

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Rampini Carlo Manufacturing Company
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RAMPINI E60 description ⚡

Technical Specs, Price and Review on the new RAMPINI E60.

In the quest for sustainable transportation solutions, the RAMPINI E60 emerges as an innovative answer. This electrically driven bus, designed for seamless urban navigation, isn't merely a mode of transportation—it represents the next generation of eco-friendly transit.

A Design Tailored for Accessibility and Efficiency

Crafted with precision and thoughtfulness, the RAMPINI E60 is more than just a typical 6-meter city bus. It boasts a low-floor design, which is deliberately engineered to accommodate passengers with mobility challenges. Despite its compact exterior, this urban transporter is surprisingly spacious, ensuring comfort for all passengers.

manufactured inItaly
sales start2021
range (km)120
battery (kWh)143
bus typeminibus
seats (qty)10

Navigating Narrow Streets with Zero Emissions

The RAMPINI E60 truly shines in its adaptability to traverse narrow and winding lanes of historical cities. Its specially-designed structure allows it to maneuver with ease, ensuring an uninterrupted journey while leaving zero carbon footprint. This eco-conscious bus is a testament to the perfect amalgamation of technology and sustainability.

Capacious and Comfortable: Room for Everyone

Despite its small exterior footprint, the RAMPINI E60 does not compromise on interior space. It proudly hosts up to 35 passengers, striking an impressive balance between comfort and capacity. This bus excels in offering a pleasant commuting experience, regardless of the journey's length or the passenger count.

Steering Simplicity and Unmatched Range

What sets the RAMPINI E60 apart is its ease of operation. Designed with the driver's convenience in mind, this electric bus can be steered effortlessly. Additionally, it offers an impressive travel range of about 120 kilometers or a robust 10-hour battery life. This means it can effortlessly power through an entire day of urban commuting without needing a recharge.

All Day Performance for Urban Routes

With the RAMPINI E60's considerable range, your urban transport needs are covered for a full day. Whether it's shuttling citizens on daily routes or accommodating the hustle and bustle of city life, this bus delivers reliable, non-stop performance.

In conclusion, the RAMPINI E60 is more than an urban bus—it's a vision of sustainable, accessible, and efficient urban transportation. Its zero-emission capability, ample space, easy maneuverability, and all-day performance mark it as an exceptional solution for contemporary city transport needs.

Manufacturer: Rampini Carlo

RAMPINI E60 Video Review

Rampini Carlo Manufacturing Company
 Video ReviewRAMPINI E60
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