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BMW i3 Sedan Price and Specs

Last updated: 06 November 2023
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  • BMW i3 Sedan price
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  • BMW i3 Sedan overview
  • BMW i3 Sedan specs
  • BMW i3 Sedan 2023
  • BMW i3 Sedan new
  • BMW i3 Sedan interior
  • BMW i3 Sedan interior 1

BMW i3 Sedan Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new BMW i3 Sedan

BMW i3 Sedan price:

US$ 54990

manufactured inGermany
sales start2022
range (km)526
battery (kWh)66.1
max. speed (km/h)180
0 to100 km/h6.2
power (h.p.)285
car typesedan
drive typeRWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

BMW i3 Sedan Video Review

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Video Review on BMW i3 Sedan
Video review

BMW i3 Sedan: Electrifying Journey into Future Mobility

As one traverses the continuously morphing highway of electric vehicles (EVs), the BMW i3 Sedan emerges as a lighthouse of ingenuity and environmental responsibility. This fully electric gem doesn't merely present an alternate route to the conventional petrol-guzzling automobiles; it unfurls a roadmap toward the horizon of eco-conscious travel. Within this narrative, we shall delve into the core attributes of the BMW i3 Sedan, deciphering its avant-garde facets, exceptional efficiency, and the distinctive position it occupies in the electrosphere of automobiles.

The Tomorrow Now: BMW i3 Sedan's Journey Dissected

Efficiency: The Electric Symphony

At the nucleus of the BMW i3 Sedan's prowess is its astonishing efficiency, manifesting through a mere 14.3 kWh per 100 kilometers. This efficaciousness mirrors BMW's pledge toward the greener Earth, curbing carbon footprints whilst economizing the operational expenditure for its proprietor. Such efficiency emerges from a concoction of aerodynamic design, state-of-the-art engineering, and technological wizardry.

Velocity Met With Force: Under the Bonnet

Contrary to the sedentary image often associated with electric cars, the BMW i3 Sedan commands attention with a 285 horsepower (209 kW) electric motor, conjuring a formidable torque of 400 Nm which propels it from stillness to 100 km/h in a mere 6.2 seconds. Its peak velocity of 180 km/h ensures a gripping driving escapade while staying true to its eco-friendly essence.

Battery Life and Recharging Alchemy

The soul of the BMW i3 Sedan, its 66.1-kWh battery pack, not only fuels the electric motor but also proffers an impressive autonomy of 526 kilometers (326 miles) on a singular charge. The convenience of recharging is highlighted by its DC charge rate of 95 kW, enabling a swift resurgence in merely 35 minutes. For domiciliary recharging, the AC charge rate of 11 kW guarantees a full battery in just 6 hours, perfectly suiting day-to-day use.

Peering into the Core: BMW i3 Sedan Elucidated

The Heartbeat: Single Motor Engineering

Distinguished by a single permanent magnet synchronous motor, the i3 Sedan's design ethos prioritizes fluent power delivery and frugality. This motor, coupled with rear-wheel propulsion, bestows upon the driver a dynamism that's as exhilarating as it is seamless.

The Autopilot Dream and Craftsmanship

BMW's devotion to pioneering reflects vividly in the i3 Sedan with its autonomous driving capacities, layering an additional veil of secularity and comfort over the commute. Moreover, the championing of the i3 Sedan's assembly in Shenyang, China, under the BMW Brilliance Auto amalgamation, assures elite fabrication standards while nurturing local economies.

Ensuring Safeguard and Supplementary Marvels

The BMW i3 Sedan's commitment to safety is thorough and uncompromising. With a fleet of forward-thinking safety systems, it offers a sanctuary of calm for both the navigator and the voyagers. This electric chariot is also gifted with a generous 410-liter cargo capacity, rendering it not just as a beacon of innovation but also a paragon of everyday practicality.

BMW i3 Sedan: Steering into 2022 with Vision

In the year 2022, the BMW i3 Sedan continues to forge ahead as a harbinger in the EV sphere. Its visionary design, expansive range, and allegiance to environmental stewardship render it a persuasive choice for those poised to embrace the novel epoch of motoring.

Indeed, the BMW i3 Sedan is not simply another automobile; it embodies the march towards progress and mirrors BMW's unwavering dedication towards crafting a sustainable, yet thrilling future of automotive exploration. With its electric-powered efficiency, vigorous performance, and myriad of pioneering features, it carves a niche for what an electric sedan is capable of achieving.