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BYD Qin Plus EV Price and Specs

Last updated: 03 November 2023
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What is BYD Auto?
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  • BYD Qin Plus EV price
  • BYD Qin Plus EV specs
  • BYD Qin Plus EV exterior
  • BYD Qin Plus EV new
  • BYD Qin Plus EV electric
  • BYD Qin Plus EV 2023
  • BYD Qin Plus EV ev
  • BYD Qin Plus EV interior

BYD Qin Plus EV Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new BYD Qin Plus EV

BYD Qin Plus EV price:

US$ 18900

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)610
battery (kWh)72
max. speed (km/h)150
0 to100 km/h7.9
power (h.p.)204
car typesedan
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

BYD Qin Plus EV Video Review

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Video Review on BYD Qin Plus EV
Video review

BYD Qin Plus EV: A Leap Towards Affordability in Electric Mobility

Embarking upon the electric avenue, the BYD Qin Plus EV emerges as a gallant challenger to the stereotype that electric sedans are a luxury beyond the average Joe's reach. Its acclaim within the sprawling markets of China is a testament to its triumphant concoction of cost-effectiveness, dynamism, and autonomy.

Unveiling the Technical Prowess and Alacrity

Armed with a formidable 204 horsepower dynamo and energized by a hefty 72 kWh battery pack, the Qin Plus EV exudes an aura of robustness seldom seen in its cadre.

The acceleration prowess, a fleeting leap from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds, places it among the aristocrats of pricier sedans, while a top velocity of 150 km/h certifies its supremacy in the autobahn realms.

Battery Excellence and Liberating Range

Perhaps its crowning glory, a splendid 610 km range, establishes it as a paragon of autonomy in its price class, liberating its patrons from the dreaded range paranoia.

Architectural Elegance and Design Innovations

Unwavering in its visual appeal akin to its 2021 precursor, the Qin Plus EV’s adaption of the revolutionary BYD e-platform 3.0 with CTB technology whispers bold under-the-bonnet enhancements aimed at fortifying safety, stretching range, and propelling overall oomph.

Ensuring Safety whilst Feathering Convenience

Boasting an ensemble of safety armors such as curtain airbags, coupled with a surveillance panopticon of a 360-degree camera, and embroidered with niceties like quick charging prowess and a futuristic LCD dashboard, the vehicle brandishes its competitive lance with grace.

The Swift Charge: A Nod to Modernity

The electric chariot’s swift-charging oracle, reinvigorating the battery from a dreary 30% to a brimming 80% in merely 30 minutes, addresses the electric voyager's prime apprehension, markedly curtailing restlessness amidst protracted escapades.

Market Dominance and Commercial Victory

With the cash registers ringing over 300,000 times in 2022 alone, the Qin Plus EV's sales triumph paints a vivid picture of its robust presence in the arena. The fervent reception of its PHEV sibling further cements the Qin Plus EV’s cornerstone status within BYD’s illustrious lineage.

Charting BYD’s Strategic Odyssey and Market Stance

BYD's strategy, a sagacious blend of affordability and innovation, underscores its unyielding resolve to carve a formidable niche within the Chinese electric dominions, bolstered by an audacious sales ambition, mirroring its faith in its cavalry and its vanguard role in electrified transportation.

Striding across the electric purlieus, the BYD Qin Plus EV's ensemble of grand autonomy, spirited dynamism, and a treasure trove of features, all sheathed within an economical veneer, knights it as a formidable adversary not just within the Chinese precincts but perhaps, in the global coliseum as it caters to the burgeoning appetite for economical and steadfast electric carriages.

Hailing from BYD Auto, an enterprise at the intersection of battery wizardry and electric propulsion, the marque continues to weave its narrative across the global automotive tapestry, heralding a more sustainable vehicular epoch with its commitment to novelty and affordability.