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BYD Yuan Pro Price and Specs

Last updated: 03 November 2023
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What is BYD Auto?
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  • BYD Yuan Pro new
  • BYD Yuan Pro specs
  • BYD Yuan Pro exterior
  • BYD Yuan Pro interior
  • BYD Yuan Pro interior 1
  • BYD Yuan Pro overview

BYD Yuan Pro Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new BYD Yuan Pro

BYD Yuan Pro price:

US$ 14900

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)401
battery (kWh)47
max. speed (km/h)130
0 to100 km/hno data
power (h.p.)95
car typeSUV / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

BYD Yuan Pro Video Review

Logo of the BYD Auto Manufacturing Company
Video Review on BYD Yuan Pro
Video review

BYD Yuan Pro: Navigating the Terrains of Affordable Electric Mobility

In the ever-expanding ocean of electric vehicles (EVs), the BYD Yuan Pro sails as a beacon of affordability. Priced enticingly at $14,900, it throws open the gates of EV ownership to a vast array of eager aficionados.

Deciphering the Yuan Pro: Specs Unveiled

Armed with a 95 horsepower motor beneath its bonnet and a 47 kWh powerhouse of a battery, the Yuan Pro strides forth, amalgamating practicality with efficiency.

While it shyly withholds acceleration stats, the suggestion is clear: it's sculpted more for the concrete jungle and daily sojourns rather than the racing circuit.

Endurance and Exploration: Unmasking the Battery and Range

Boasting a commendable 401 kilometers on the CLTC cycle, the Yuan Pro plants its flag firmly amongst its competitors, ensuring urban adventurers can roam widely without the specter of daily recharging.

The Aesthetic and Technological Rendezvous

This chariot encapsulates simplicity intertwined with modernity, fitting the bill for a compact family SUV. It celebrates technology with an 8-inch LCD instrument cluster and a behemoth 10.1-inch central control screen, enriched with the DiLink 4.0 system.

A Cost-Effective Proposition: Pricing and Value

The ascent to electric mobility is made less steep with the Yuan Pro's enticing entry price, bolstered by flexible payment echelons and a warranty that reassures.

Strategic Placements: Carving a Niche in the Market

In a chess-like move, BYD positions the Yuan Pro for those whose pockets aren't bottomless yet yearn to cruise into the EV zeitgeist.

The Commitment of Craftsmanship: Manufacturer's Pledge

Amidst the turbulent seas of rising raw material costs, BYD's resurgence with the Yuan Pro signals a stalwart dedication to keeping the dream of affordable electric mobility alive.

In the grand theatre of electric vehicles where the entry fee often eclipses affordability, the BYD Yuan Pro emerges as a herald of economical electrification. It's not merely an offering but a gateway, perhaps opening vistas for throngs of consumers to venture into the greener pastures of electric mobility. Its ripples may very well turn into waves, heralding a wider embrace of EVs across the globe.

In its commitment to innovation without the burden of exorbitant costs, BYD Auto, the titan behind the Yuan Pro, reaffirms its role in commandeering the shift towards sustainable conveyance. In the framework of electric endeavors, BYD continues to illustrate that forward-thinking innovation and affordability can, indeed, share the same road.

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