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GAC Aion V Price and Specs

Last updated: 27 January 2024
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What is GAC Motor?
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  • GAC Aion V price
  • GAC Aion V 1
  • GAC Aion V 2
  • GAC Aion V 6
  • GAC Aion V 3
  • GAC Aion V 4
  • GAC Aion V 5

GAC Aion V Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new GAC Aion V

GAC Aion V price:

US$ 33060

manufactured inChina
sales start2020
range (km)600
battery (kWh)72.3
max. speed (km/h)175
0 to100 km/h7.7
power (h.p.)181
car typeSUV / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

GAC Aion V Video Review

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Video Review on GAC Aion V
Video review

GAC Aion V: Where Fashion Meets Functionality

Redefined Elegance and Performance

Introduction: The GAC Aion V

The GAC Aion V, a jewel from the heart of China, strides forward as an SUV that marries sleek elegance with the forefront of innovation. Emerging under the Avon umbrella, this electrical prodigy underscores GAC Motor's dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sophisticated design. Let us traverse the contours of the GAC Aion V and wade into the particulars of its remarkable specifications.

GAC Aion V Specs: Embracing Modern Design

The architects behind the GAC Aion V have harmonized with contemporary currents, forging an artifact that is both an eyeful and a nest of advanced technology. Adorned with two-story headlamps featuring LED brilliance as a standard fixture, along with unique split taillights and retractable rear door handles, the Aion V broadcasts a narrative of modern sophistication. Risen on the modular GP (GAS Electric Platform) foundation, the SUV provides adaptability in dimensions, suspension, and powertrain alternatives, promising a custom-fit motoring experience.

Performance and Power: Unleashing Performance

The heart of the GAC Aion V thrums with the energy of a 72.3 kWh battery, setting the stage of visceral performance. With an electric motor placed at the vanguard, pivoting on the front axle, it boasts a formidable 181 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. This robust synthesis propels the SUV from stasis to 100 km/h in a fleeting 7.7 seconds, guaranteeing a dynamic driving experience at the mere depression of the accelerator.

Impressive Range and Efficiency

The GAC Aion V strides with an imposing range, unfurling three variants that encompass respective mileage potentials of 400 km, 530 km, and an unparalleled 600 km on a singular charge. This expansive range fortifies the driver's confidence for prolonged voyages. Whether it's the urban sprawl or the call of distant horizons, the Aion V manifests with commendable efficiency and steadfast reliability.

Driving Dynamics: Mastering the Road Ahead

Fitted with a rear semi-independent suspension, the GAC Aion V pledges a ride that is as smooth as it is controlled. With a modest ground clearance standing at 160 mm, the SUV finds an ideal equilibrium between comfort and nimbleness. Whether it's the urban labyrinth or the wild yonder, the Aion V ensures a motoring experience that is both stimulating and pleasurable.

Conclusion: GAC Aion V—A Fusion of Style and Innovation

As an emblem of finesse and pioneering spirit, the GAC Aion V stands as a tribute to GAC Motor's unyielding quest for pioneering electric vehicles. From its mesmerizing aesthetics to its formidable performance and range, the Aion V carves a new echelon in the electric SUV domain. Be it the bustling city streets or the vast stretches of the open road, the GAC Aion V heralds an electrifying voyage.

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