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Haima E3

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Last updated: 29 July 2023
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What is Haima Automobile?
  • Haima-E3
  • Haima E3 3
  • Haima E3 1
  • Haima E3 2
  • Haima-E3
  • Haima E3 3
  • Haima E3 1
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  • Haima E3 price
  • Haima E3 3
  • Haima E3 1
  • Haima E3 2
  • Haima E3 price
  • Haima E3 3
  • Haima E3 1
  • Haima E3 2
Image credit: Haima Automobile

Haima E3 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Haima E3

Haima E3 price:

US$ 24000

manufactured in  China 
sales start  2018 
range (km)  315 
battery (kWh)  46.6 
max. speed (km/h)  130 
0 to100 km/h  unknown 
power (h.p.)  94 
car type  sedan 
drive type  FWD 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Haima E3: Unveiling the Power of Electric Sedans

Discovering the Future of Affordable EVs

Introduction: A Visionary Electric Sedan

Step into a new era of electric motoring with the Haima E3, a forward-thinking 4-door sedan that encapsulates the essence of style, efficacy, and economic feasibility. Hatched by Haima Automobile, a Chinese car manufacturer, the Haima E3 stole the spotlight at its debut during the Beijing Auto Show back in 2018, carving a niche for itself in the sector of budget-friendly electric vehicles. Let's embark on an odyssey into the domain of the Haima E3, scrutinizing its arresting specifications and features.

Haima E3 Specs: Empowering Your Journey

Geared to redefine the electric sedan sphere, the Haima E3 comes equipped with an arsenal of features designed to empower your journey. Nestled within its chassis is a potent 46.6 kWh battery pack, propelling the Haima E3 to an impressive cruising range of 315 kilometers (roughly 222 miles) adhering to the NEDC driving cycle. The 331 kg (730 lbs) battery pack’s energy density clocks in at a significant 142.2Wh/kg, guaranteeing a smooth and sustained motoring experience.

Unleashing Electrifying Power

Injecting a dose of vigor into the drive, the Haima E3's electric powertrain musters up 70 kW (94 hp) of power and a robust torque of 240 N.m (177 lb.ft). This formidable setup propels the sedan effortlessly, achieving a maximum velocity of 130 km/h (81 mph). With its front-wheel-drive (FWD) architecture, the Haima E3 promises nimble handling and precision, transforming each journey into a joyride.

Efficiency and Sustainability: Defining the Haima E3

At the core of the Haima E3’s design ethos resides the commitment to efficiency and sustainability. Sporting an energy consumption of 14.8 kWh/100km in accordance with the NEDC driving cycle, the Haima E3 epitomizes eco-conscious craftsmanship. This sedan's green attributes invite you to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing on dynamism.

Practicality and Comfort: The Haima E3 Experience

Upon entering the Haima E3, occupants are welcomed by a capacious and sumptuous interior, providing plentiful space for five passengers. The interior design, accentuated by premium materials, conjures an inviting aura, making every trip an occasion to unwind. With a suite of contemporary amenities and instinctive controls, the Haima E3 augments the driving pleasure to unprecedented levels.

Conclusion: Haima E3—A Gateway to the Electric Future

As the world gravitates towards electric mobility, the Haima E3 emerges as a pioneer in the category of cost-effective electric sedans. Its vibrant performance, environmentally friendly attributes, and chic design position it as a noteworthy player in the realm of budget EVs. The Haima E3 signifies that the journey towards a greener future is not only possible but also within reach.

Haima E3 Video Review

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