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LIFAN 650 EV Price and Specs

Last updated: 28 July 2023
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  • LIFAN 650 EV price
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  • LIFAN 650 EV price
  • LIFAN 650 EV 1
  • LIFAN 650 EV 2
  • LIFAN 650 EV 3
  • LIFAN 650 EV 4
  • LIFAN 650 EV 5
  • LIFAN 650 EV 6
LIFAN 650 EV price

LIFAN 650 EV Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new LIFAN 650 EV.

LIFAN 650 EV price *:

24000 US$

manufactured inChina
sales start2018
range (km)305
battery (kWh)43.1
max. speed (km/h)140
0 to100 km/hunknown
power (h.p.)136
car typesedan
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

LIFAN 650 EV: The Pioneering Electric Sedan from China

The LIFAN 650 EV, a product of Chinese automotive innovation, made its debut at the prestigious 2016 Beijing Motor Show. In 2018, this electric sedan hit the market, offering an affordable and eco-friendly mobility solution to consumers. Let's explore the key specifications and features of the LIFAN 650 EV:

Specifications of LIFAN 650 EV

  • Affordable Price Tag: The LIFAN 650 EV comes with an attractive starting price of $24,000, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious buyers seeking an electric sedan.

  • Decent Driving Range: Equipped with a 43.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, the LIFAN 650 EV offers a practical driving range of approximately 305 kilometers, suitable for daily commuting and city driving needs.

  • Moderate Max Speed: With a maximum speed of 140 km/h, the LIFAN 650 EV is designed for efficient and comfortable urban driving.

  • Efficient Electric Motor: The electric sedan is powered by a 136 horsepower (100 kW) electric motor, ensuring responsive acceleration and smooth performance on the road.

  • Unique Driving Mode Selector: Inside the cabin, the LIFAN 650 EV features a distinctive round selector with blue backlighting, replacing the traditional gear lever. This adds a touch of modernity and uniqueness to the driving experience.

  • Thoughtful Interior Design: The instrument cluster catches attention with a tachometer that showcases a red zone above 9 thousand revolutions per minute, emphasizing the electric powertrain's performance characteristics.

  • Versatile Equipment Options: The LIFAN 650 EV is available in different configurations. In the base model, you can find alloy wheels with 195/60 R15 tires, push-button start, keyless entry, front and rear armrests, air conditioning, adjustable steering column, electric mirrors, power windows, and a radio system with USB and AUX support. The higher-end version adds premium features like an electric sunroof, multifunctional steering wheel, and a navigation system with a user-friendly touch screen.


The LIFAN 650 EV stands as an early entry into the world of electric sedans from China, reflecting Lifan's commitment to green mobility solutions. With its affordable price, decent driving range, and versatile equipment options, the LIFAN 650 EV caters to consumers seeking a budget-friendly and eco-conscious vehicle. As part of Lifan's efforts to contribute to sustainable transportation, the LIFAN 650 EV plays a role in the company's continued growth and expansion in the electric vehicle market.

Manufacturer: LIFAN

LIFAN 650 EV Video Review

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