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Opel Corsa-e Price and Specs

Added to the EV Database on 26 October 2022
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price (NEW) from: 33150,00 $
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  • Opel Corsa-e price
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  • Opel Corsa-e price
  • Opel Corsa e 1
  • Opel Corsa e 2
  • Opel Corsa e 3
  • Opel Corsa e 4
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Opel Corsa-e Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new Opel Corsa-e.

Opel Corsa-e: The Future of Urban Driving

Opel Corsa-e: Embrace the Electric Revolution

Meet the Opel Corsa-e, the electrifying evolution of Opel's iconic Corsa model. As a fully electric hatchback, it brings together cutting-edge technology and German engineering to redefine the urban driving experience. Built on the eCMP platform, it shares its foundation with the Peugeot e-208 and Opel Mokka-e, while proudly standing out with its unique design.

Opel Corsa-e Specsi: Power and Efficiency

manufactured inGermany
new from ($)33150
range (km)430
max. speed150
sales start2020
0 to100 km/h8.1
power (h.p.)136
battery (kWh)50
car typehatchback / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

Under the hood, the Opel Corsa-e houses an efficient electric motor that generates 136 horsepower, delivering quick acceleration and smooth performance. Its agile Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) system ensures a dynamic and engaging drive, making every journey a joy.

Unleash Your Range: Advanced Battery Technology

Equipped with a 50 kWh battery, the Corsa-e boasts an impressive range of up to 430 kilometers, granting you the freedom to explore the city and beyond without the worry of frequent charging. This advanced battery technology ensures you have ample power at your fingertips.

Seamless Urban Navigation: Navigating with Ease

Navigating through urban streets has never been easier with the Opel Corsa-e. Its compact hatchback design and 5-door configuration offer excellent maneuverability and convenience, allowing you to effortlessly navigate tight city spaces.

Distinctive Design: A Perfect Blend of Elegance and Practicality

While sharing its DNA with its peers, the Corsa-e exhibits its own distinctive design language. With a perfect balance of elegance and practicality, this hatchback offers a contemporary look that appeals to the modern driver seeking both style and functionality.

Safety and Comfort: Your Peace of Mind

Opel places utmost importance on safety, and the Corsa-e is no exception. Packed with advanced safety features, it provides you with peace of mind on every journey. Moreover, the Corsa-e offers a comfortable and inviting interior, ensuring a pleasant driving experience for both the driver and passengers.

Embrace a Sustainable Future: German Engineering at Its Finest

As a product of German engineering, the Opel Corsa-e represents the commitment to a sustainable future. Manufactured in Germany, it upholds Opel's legacy of producing dependable and innovative vehicles that stand the test of time.

Driving Forward: Opel Corsa-e

In conclusion, the Opel Corsa-e symbolizes a new era of urban driving, fusing performance, efficiency, and style into a compact and eco-friendly package. It embraces the electric revolution, presenting an enticing choice for those seeking an electrifying driving experience in the city and beyond.

Manufacturer: OPEL

Opel Corsa-e Video Review

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 Video ReviewOpel Corsa-e
Opel Corsa-e Price and Review - EV Database
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