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VOLVO EX30 Price and Specs

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  • VOLVO EX30 price
  • VOLVO EX30 6
  • VOLVO EX30 1
  • VOLVO EX30 3
  • VOLVO EX30 2
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VOLVO EX30 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new VOLVO EX30

VOLVO EX30 price:

US$ 53550

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)402
battery (kWh)68
max. speed (km/h)180
0 to100 km/hunknown
power (h.p.)268
car typeSUV / 5 doors
drive typeRWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

VOLVO EX30 Video Review

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Video Review on VOLVO EX30
Video review

VOLVO EX30: Synthesis of Eco-Friendliness and Avant-Garde Tech

Let's cut to the chase and talk about the VOLVO EX30, a compact electric marvel on four wheels leading the charge into a cleaner, more technologically advanced era of motoring. Housing a myriad of standout features, sterling range, zesty performance bespoken of future-forward design, the EX30 rewrites the manual on what electric vehicles (EVs) ought to be.

VOLVO EX30 - Specifications That Spark Interest

Before we dive headfirst into its design and the futuristic tech under its bonnet, permit me to guide you through the vital statistics of the VOLVO EX30:

  • Range: Armed with a 68 kWh powerhouse, this little SUV clears paths up to 402 kilometers on a full charge, banishing range anxiety to the rearview mirror.

  • Max. Speed: Capable of achieving speeds up to 180 km/h, the EX30 propels you forward with silken smoothness wedded to unbridled excitement.

  • Sales Launch: It first graced the world's stage on November 9, 2022, marking a bold leap into Volvo's electrically charged tomorrow.

  • Acceleration (0 to 100 km/h): Though shrouded in a bit of mystery, its sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is whispered to be hair-raisingly brisk.

  • Horsepower: Flexing a muscular 268 horsepower, the EX30 stands testament to its capability of meshing potency with ecological prudence.

  • Battery Capacity: The generous 68 kWh battery promises extended adventures and judicious charging intervals.

  • Vehicular Type: A suave 5-door SUV, the EX30 weds elegance, spaciousness, and pragmatism in a single, handsome package.

  • Driving Dynamics: Its rear-wheel-drive (RWD) configuration sharpens handling, auguring a more invigorating driving escapade.

Tomorrow’s Design Today - Sleek, Clean, and Tech-Forward

The embodiment of Volvo's pledge to pioneer and sustainability is writ large in the EX30's aesthetics. Its silhouette hints at minimalism, focusing on environmental stewardship and high technology. The front dazzles with a sleek, closed-off panel, breathing an air of cleanliness wrapped in aerodynamic finesse. Below this, an active radiator grille stands, boosting performance while maintaining optimal cooling.

Illuminated by distinctive T-shaped headlights, inspired by Thor's Hammer DRL poised on the EX90, it injects an opulent flair into the EX30's fascia. Completing this visage are the ice cube-shaped LED fog lights, standing vertically, in perfect concert with the rotatable headlights.

Redefining Electric Motoring Norms

As Volvo rolls the EX30 onto the EV stage, it doesn't just introduce another vehicle—it heralds a new age of eco-conscious, powerful motoring. Brandishing cutting-edge technology paired with an enviable range, the EX30 is poised to escalate the driving narrative to untold heights.


In the kaleidoscope of small electric SUVs, the VOLVO EX30 emerges as a paragon of merging cleanliness, innovation, and technology. Boasting an impressive range, compelling performance, and a look that could very well be borrowed from the future, the EX30 stands as a monument to Volvo's commitment to an electrifying, sustainable driving odyssey.