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XPENG P5 Price and Specs

What is XPENG?
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  • XPENG P5 price
  • XPENG P5 2
  • XPENG P5 5
  • XPENG P5 1
  • XPENG P5 6
  • XPENG P5 4
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XPENG P5 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new XPENG P5

XPENG P5 price:

US$ 44000

manufactured inChina
sales start2021
range (km)385
battery (kWh)60
max. speed (km/h)150
0 to100 km/h7.5
power (h.p.)211
car typesedan
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

XPENG P5 Video Review

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Video Review on XPENG P5
Video review

XPENG P5: A Foray into Eco-Conscious Driving

XPENG, heralded from the heart of China, embarked on an electrifying journey toward the European shores in late 2020 with their electric prodigy, the G3 crossover. This automotive debutante strutted into the spotlight, finding 438 enthusiasts by year-end after a modest beginning of 86 units sold in the initial couple of months. With the gavel of innovation firmly in hand, XPENG now strides towards broader horizons with the unveiling of the XPENG P5 sedan. This latest entrant not only flexes its technical muscles but also winks at potential suitors with an enticing price tag, charting its course through Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

Unraveling the XPENG P5 Specifications

Let's tiptoe through the technological tapestry that embroiders the XPENG P5 as a tantalizing prospect:

  • Electrifying Exhilaration: Nestled under its bonnet, the XPENG P5 boasts a single electric juggernaut on the prow, unleashing 211 horses and 310 Nm of torque. This power lets it leap from nought to 100 km/h in a mere 7.5 seconds of whispered promise.

  • Marathon Range: The heart of the XPENG P5, a 60 kWh battery, bestows upon its bearer an impressive 465 kilometers of roam-free adventures, emancipating drivers from the chains of constant recharging.

  • Top Speed Thrills: With the wind as its companion, the XPENG P5 dashes up to 150 km/h, ensuring a ride that's as sinfully smooth as it is swift.

  • Automotive Elegance: Cloaked in the garb of a modern sedan, the XPENG P5 caters to aficionados of sophistication, marrying practicality with futuristic elegance.

  • Front-Wheel Symphony: Orchestrated with a Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) arrangement, the XPENG P5 ensures an anthem of balance and agility, especially within the urban sprawl.

Charging Up for the Next Adventure

Efficiency isn't just under the hood; it extends to the XPENG P5's charging capabilities:

  • AC Charging Access: Embrace the flexibility of alternating current (AC) charging, with a power potency of up to 11 kilowatts. Whether at home or at public stables, charging your steed becomes a task of leisure.

  • DC Fast Charging, Swiftly: For those who hear the call of distant horizons, the DC fast charging capability of the XPENG P5, peaking at 70 kilowatts, ensures the battery's thirst is quenched from 30 to 80 percent in just 36 minutes.

XPENG P5: A Testament to Electric Dreams

The XPENG P5 emerges as a beacon for the eco-conscious driver in the European market, heralding a blend of advanced features and substantial driving range. Flaunting a competitive price point, chic design, and exhilarating performance, the XPENG P5 is tailored to etch its mark in the electric sedan segment, wooing those in pursuit of an environmentally friendly yet luxurious driving odyssey.