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price (NEW) from: 69900,00 $
TESLA Manufacturing Company

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TESLA Cybertruck Tri Motor description ⚡

TESLA Cybertruck Tri Motor Specsification.

Tesla Cybertruck is the brand's first pickup truck. The exterior of the novelty is absolutely unique, it cannot be confused with any other car. There are sharp corners and perfectly flat surfaces. According to the head of the company Elon Musk, Cybertruck's appearance is inspired by the classic science fiction movie Blade Runner from 1982. On the other hand, the minimalistic form factor is due to the production technology of the pickup cab. It is made of cold-rolled "stainless steel", the pickup is not afraid of scratches or bumps. Such a cabin can even withstand shelling from small arms (caliber up to 9 mm), but Tesla engineers did not strive to make an armored car, they created a strong and durable machine for working in difficult conditions - at construction sites, oil fields, farms, in quarries, open-pit mines, and so on. Further. Cybertruck's glasses are also flat and extra strong - Ultra-Hard 30X. What is noteworthy is that the cabin is unpainted, it has a natural metallic luster.

manufactured inUSA
new from ($)69900
range (km)805
battery (kWh)100
sales start2022
curb weight (kg)5000

Manufacturer: TESLA

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TESLA Cybertruck Tri Motor

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