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Technolia 2.0 Statio'sElec S Price and Specs

Last updated: 30 October 2023
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What is Technolia 2.0?
  • Technolia 2.0 Statio
  • Statio
  • Statio
  • Technolia 2.0 Statio
  • Statio
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Technolia 2.0 Statio'sElec S Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Technolia 2.0 Statio'sElec S

Technolia 2.0 Statio'sElec S price:

US$ 999

manufactured inFrance
power (kW)22
rated current (A)32
cable lengthunknown
connector typeIEC 62196-1 and 62196-2
simultaneous charging2
IP rating55

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Technolia 2.0 Statio'sElec S Video Review

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Video Review on Technolia 2.0 Statio
Video review

Technolia 2.0 Statio'sElec S: A New Era in Electric Vehicle Charging

In a rapidly evolving motoring world, the advent of electric vehicles (EVs) is like a fresh gust of wind, altering our course towards a cleaner, greener future. The catalyst in this seismic shift? None other than the Technolia 2.0 Statio'sElec S, a cutting-edge charging marvel that seamlessly marries innovative tech with user-centric design.

From France with Precision

Originating from the land known for its penchant for avant-garde engineering, France, the Statio'sElec S stands as a beacon of high-caliber ingenuity.

Affordability Meets Quality: Sporting a price tag that starts from a palatable $999, the Technolia 2.0 Statio'sElec S offers an attractive proposition that harmonizes premium quality with economic attainability, appealing to a broad spectrum of users.

A Closer Look at the Technical Details

Power Dynamics: Capable of delivering a formidable 22 kW of power, this charger ensures that your EV is powered up swiftly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing on-the-road time.

Consistent Voltage: Equipped with a stable voltage output of 220 volts, it guarantees a reliable and consistent charging cycle, every time.

Energy Transfer at its Best: Thanks to its rated current of 32A, the charger facilitates a brisk energy flow, optimizing the charging session for expediency.

Design and Features: Where Function Meets Elegance

Universal Connector Support: Addressing the diversified connector requirements of contemporary EVs, it effortlessly syncs with IEC 62196-1 and 62196-2 connectors, ensuring universal compatibility.

Multiple Charging Capabilities: Excelling in versatility, it's capable of catering to either one or two charging operations concurrently, making it an ideal selection for households with multiple EVs or commercial establishments.

Guarded by Robust Protection: Boasting an IP55 rating, this charger is fortified against the intrusions of external environmental contingents, ensuring unwavering performance over its lifespan.

User-Centric Innovations

More than just a conduit for energy transition, the essence of a successful charging setup lies in crafting an all-encompassing user experience.

Multiple Access Modes: Piloting versatility in access, it offers various entry points ranging from RFID cards, NFC technology, QRCode scanning, to smartphone controls, catering to personal preferences.

Payment Simplified: Simplifying the payment process, it supports an array of options including credit card transactions to expeditious SMS-based payments, enhancing convenience.

Prioritizing User Safety: Its thoughtful design incorporates an access flap for mode 3 sockets to obviate accessibility hindrances, even amidst unforeseen power outages.

Varied Charging Intensities

Exhibiting flexibility in charging intensities, the Statio'sElec S accommodates individual needs, offering outputs ranging from a modest 3 kW to the high-powered 22 kW.

Interactive User Feedback: Elevating the charging experience, a brightly-lit OLED display coupled with intuitive indicator lamps provide instantaneous, easy-to-understand updates on the charging progress.

Craftsmanship that Stands Out

Encased in either robust aluminum or sleek stainless steel, the Statio'sElec S showcases exceptional craftsmanship. Its durability promises longevity, while its design aesthetic enhances any setting it graces.

Leading the Charge in Modern EV Infrastructure

The Technolia 2.0 Statio'sElec S transcends being merely a charging station; it embodies the convergence of forward-thinking technology and insightful design. By setting new benchmarks in efficiency, safety, and user-friendliness, it truly heralds the dawn of a new epoch in electric vehicle charging solutions.