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Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC Price and Specs

Last updated: 31 October 2023
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What is Ekoenergetyka?
  • Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC price
  • SAT 600 HPC
  • SAT 600 HPC EV charging station
  • Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC price
  • SAT 600 HPC
  • SAT 600 HPC EV charging station

Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC

Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC price:

US$ 25900

manufactured inPoland
power (kW)unknown
rated current (A)up to 600
cable length10
connector typeOCPP 1.6-J ; OCPP 2.0.1
simultaneous charging1
IP rating54

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC Video Review

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Video Review on Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC
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Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC: The Leading Light of EV Charging Stations

The surge of electric vehicles has ushered in a new era of transportation, spirited along by innovations like the Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC. This avant-garde EV charging station plays a pivotal role in propelling EVs to their zenith of efficiency.

Birthed from Polish Genius

Spawned from the fertile grounds of Poland, a country heralded for its technical virtuosity, the Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC epitomizes the epitome of European engineering dexterity.

Harmonizing Expense with Excellence: Priced at a palatable $25,900, this charging beacon does not skimp on delivering top-notch capabilities at a price that doesn't break the bank.

A Closer Examination of Its Engineering Marvels

Unyielding Power Output: Guaranteeing a steadfast voltage of 380, this charger commits to a relentless energy provision, catering to the electric demands of contemporary gallivants.

Ample Current Prowess: Boasting a capacity to channel up to 600 A, it stands prepared to quench the thirst of the most power-gluttonous electric conveyances.

Augmenting the Charging Consultation

A Spectrum of Plug-In Possibilities: Armored with OCPP 1.6-J and OCPP 2.0.1 inlets, the SAT 600 HPC is a chameleon, adapting to a vast array of electric vehicles, from intimate sedans to colossal lorries.

Single-Minded Efficiency: Although it dedicates itself to one electric chariot at a time, it executes this singular quest with paramount efficacy.

Rigged for the Long Haul: Its resilience is underscored by an IP54 rating, signaling its fortitude against particulate ingress and moisture, rendering it fit for a variety of climes and locales.

Exclusive Attributes: Elevating It Beyond the Ordinary

Versatile Arrangements: Venturing beyond its primary role, the SAT 600 HPC unveils six unique satellite adjustments, imbuing it with a layer of personalization.

Thermal Management for Swift Charging: Its distinguishing liquid-cooled connectors foster accelerated charging whilst keeping the machinery in a chilled state of operation.

Streamlined Transactions: Incorporating multiple payment mechanisms, including CCV alongside options like Payter, Valina, and Ingenico, it assures an untroubled payment process.

Unimpeded Status Visibility: An innovative all-round LED illumination scheme permits users to effortlessly discern the charger's operational status from any vantage.

Precedence on Safety: A meticulously designed Cable Management System with a flat arm and braking apparatus keeps cables neatly organized, minimizing wear and elevating safety.

Adapting Cable Lengths for Every Scenario

Recognizing the diversity of user requirements, Ekoenergetyka proffers cable lengths of 4.5m for both CCS and CCS HPC as standard issue. To those seeking greater expanse, extensions up to 10m and 8m are available respectively.

Ekoenergetyka: Trailblazing the Charge into Tomorrow

In the buzzing domain of electric vehicle infrastructure, the Ekoenergetyka SAT 600 HPC distinguishes itself. Fusing cutting-edge technology with features attuned to user needs, it furnishes an EV charging experience that is not only efficient and safe but singularly exceptional.