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Viridian EV charge point - RCM and RCBO Price and Specs

Last updated: 31 October 2023
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What is Viridian Ev?
  • Viridian EV charge point - RCM and RCBO price
  • EV charge point
  • EV charge point RCM and RCBO
  • Viridian EV charge point - RCM and RCBO price
  • EV charge point
  • EV charge point RCM and RCBO

Viridian EV charge point - RCM and RCBO Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Viridian EV charge point - RCM and RCBO

Viridian EV charge point - RCM and RCBO price:

US$ 899

manufactured inUnited Kingdom
power (kW)22
rated current (A)32
cable lengthunknown
connector typeType 2
simultaneous charging1
IP rating54

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Viridian EV charge point - RCM and RCBO Video Review

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Video Review on Viridian EV charge point - RCM and RCBO
Video review

Exploring the Viridian EV Charge Point: A Leap Towards Sustainable Motoring

As the tides shift towards greener pastures of transportation, the electric chariot's stage sees an avant-garde contender in the Viridian EV Charge Point. Marrying safety, efficiency, and the pulse of innovation, this beacon in the EV charging domain casts a long shadow over its peers, setting itself apart in the bustling electric avenue.

A British Marvel: The Engineering Behind Viridian EV Charge Points

Born within the revered industrial halls of the United Kingdom, the Viridian EV Charge Point is a symphony of performance and quality. These twin pillars stand tall, underpinning the advancements in the bustling electric vehicle epoch.

Commanding an investment of $899, this paragon of charging ingenuity delivers on its promises. It equips its patrons with premier characteristics and untouchable trustworthiness, definitively answering the call for value.

Under the Hood: Technical Prowess of the Viridian EV Charge Point

Championing Relentless Power Transfer, a formidable output of 22kW paired with a steadfast voltage of 220, ensures a brisk and unswerving energy top-up, in stride with the exigencies of contemporary electric vehicles.

A harmonious Embrace of Diverse Connections: The incorporation of a Type 2 connector bestows it with the versatility to cater to a wide spectrum of electric vehicles, affirming its universal appeal.

Built to Endure the Elements: Bearing an IP54 rating, this bastion of charging holds its ground against dust and water ingress, emerging as a stalwart ally against the forces of nature.

Ensuring Safety and Efficacy: The Viridian Charge Point Creed

Boasting an Inbuilt DC Protection Mechanism, the charge station hedges against DC leakages, fostering an uninhibited charge cycle while aligning with the stringent IEC 61851-1 standards.

The Advanced Residual Current Monitoring (RCM) rides at the forefront of its safety armory. By vigilantly scouting for DC discrepancies, it ensures an added security stratum, granting EV enthusiasts a serene charging interlude.

Resolute Circuit Safeguarding with RCBO

Refined by the optional RCBO (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection), this feature transcends being merely ancillary. It arises as a guardian, fortifying against electrical hazards and barricading the circuitry from potential overcurrent mishaps, thereby sanctifying both vehicle and conductor with unrivaled protection.

Geared for the Electric Highways of Tomorrow

In an era where the electric vehicle tapestry is constantly unfurling, the Type 2 socket charge point by Viridian EV stands not merely as another terminal but as a herald of the future. By weaving together the tenets of safety, efficiency, and adaptability, it presents a tantalizing option for today's electric carriages and those awaiting their curtain call.

A Vanguard in Electrical Charge Technology: Viridian EV's Legacy

In a future painted with the strokes of electric vehicles dominating the tarmac, securing a reliable and effective charge solution becomes paramount. The ViridianEV charge point, with its guard of RCM and RCBO functions, unveils a vista into the realm of EV charging—secured, efficient, and pioneering.