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Heliox Rapid 150 kW Price and Specs

Last updated: 15 December 2023
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What is Heliox?
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  • Rapid 150 kW
  • Heliox Rapid
  • Heliox Rapid 150 kW price
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  • Heliox Rapid

Heliox Rapid 150 kW Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Heliox Rapid 150 kW

Heliox Rapid 150 kW price:

US$ 55000

manufactured inNetherlands
power (kW)150
rated current (A)400
cable length9
connector type 2x CCS2 (IEC 62196)
simultaneous charging1
IP rating54

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Heliox Rapid 150 kW Video Review

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Heliox Rapid 150 kW: A High-Power Charging Marvel

Stepping into the arena of electric mobility, the Heliox Rapid 150 kW charging station descends like a colossus of power and swift performance. Originating from the distinguished engineering landscapes of the Netherlands, this behemoth of electric vehicle (EV) charging technology heralds a new epoch for the EV charging fraternity. We're about to crack open the vault of its engineering marvels, scrutinize its design elegance, and explore its operability to paint a vivid tableau for those navigating the ever-green pastures of sustainable mobility.

The Nitty-Gritty: Decoding Heliox Rapid 150 kW’s Tech Specs

The Heliox Rapid 150 kW stands as a titan in the EV charging dominion, flaunting a formidable 150 kW of power output delivered through a 380-volt system and boasting a mammoth rated current of 400 amps.

This leviathan ensures your EVs gulp down electricity at a breakneck pace, minimizing lounging times significantly. With a bountiful 9-meter cable at its disposal and outfitted with a pair of CCS2 (IEC 62196) connectors, it promises simultaneous charging episodes, straddling a wide array of EV models with ease.

Durability Meets Design: A Closer Look at Heliox Rapid 150 kW

As a progeny of Dutch engineering prowess, the Heliox Rapid 150 kW is a symphony of meticulous design and robust build. Its IP54 rating whispers tales of its enduring nature and steadfast performance across a myriad of meteorological conditions, suitable for diverse locales, from bustling urban sprawls to the tranquility of remote settings.

The Human Touch: User Interaction with Heliox Rapid 150 kW

Beyond its colossal might, the Heliox Rapid 150 kW is a paragon of user accommodation. With a design that sees a division into a power cabinet and a dispenser column, it champions installation versatility and operational ease. The presence of a 10-inch touchscreen LCD furthers the narrative of a seamless user interface, offering a breezy charging venture.

Facilitating Finances: Heliox Rapid 150 kW’s Payment Solutions

This goliath integrates a comprehensive payment terminal, extending its arms to a plethora of transaction avenues. Be it the traditional swipe of a VISA or MasterCard, or a tap from the digital wallets of ApplePay or GooglePay, it proffers a user-centric approach to settling payments.

Efficiency Meets Safety: Examining the Heliox Rapid 150 kW

Aside from its rapid refuelling prowess, the Heliox Rapid 150 kW prides itself on an efficiency metric of 94.7%. This stellar figure reflects its optimized energy consumption and economic savviness. Its construction, adhering to IP54/IK10 standards, ensures that it is a bastion of reliability and security for its user base across various scenarios.

The Price Tag: Investment Inquiry into Heliox Rapid 150 kW

With a price orbiting around the $55,000 mark, the Heliox Rapid 150 kW positions itself as a premium contender in the EV charging market. This investment, albeit hefty, is vindicated by its avant-garde technology, impressive efficiency, durable build, and its nod towards an intuitive user experience—making it an illustrious pick for commercial and public charging infrastructures.

The Coup de Grâce: Why Heliox Rapid 150 kW Deserves Your Attention

The Heliox Rapid 150 kW transcends its identity as a mere charging station to emerge as a forward-looking investment in the future of EV charging. Its amalgamation of power, efficiency, operability, and diverse payment methodologies marks it as a preferred selection for establishments and municipalities eager to cater to the burgeoning fleet of electric vehicles. In an era where expediency, comfort, and green initiatives are paramount, the Heliox Rapid 150 kW distinguishes itself as a preeminent solution, set to spearhead the advancements in EV charging infrastructure.