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EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3 Price and Specs

Last updated: 13 April 2024
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What is EO Charging?
  • EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3 price
  • EO MINI PRO 3 EV charger
  • EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3 price
  • EO MINI PRO 3 EV charger

EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3

EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3 price:

US$ 1350

manufactured inUnited Kingdom
power (kW)7.2
rated current (A)14
cable lengthunknown
connector typeType 2
simultaneous charging1
IP ratingIP54

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3 Video Review

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Video Review on EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3
Video review

EO MINI PRO 3: A Vanguard in Compact EV Charging

Salutations, proponents of electric conveyance! Today, we cast our gaze upon a luminary from Britannia's verdant isles – the EO MINI PRO 3. Envision, for a moment, a recharging apparatus so diminutive, yet so prodigiously potent, crafted not merely for replenishing your environmentally benign steed but to transcend the entirety of the recharging ceremony with its intelligent, svelte, and efficacious operation. Let us voyage through why this compact charger transitions from mere accessory to quintessential for the judicious electric vehicle proprietor.

Main Characteristics of EO MINI PRO 3

Dismiss at your peril its Lilliputian dimensions; the EO MINI PRO 3 is a colossus ensconced within a petite chassis. Visualise an object, akin in stature to an A5 jotter, innocuously residing beside your vehicular portal, yet capable of infusing a valiant 7.2 kW surge of power. Equipped with a 220-volt constellation and a 14-amp circulatory lifeblood, this charger emerges as a taciturn guardian, diligently empowering your electric wagon. Furnished with a Type 2 connector, it reveals itself as a universal clef, flinging wide the doors of compatibility with an extensive array of electric chariots.

The Prodigious Influence of the Diminutive EO MINI PRO 3

In matters of design, the EO MINI PRO 3 presents a thesis in minimalism and adaptability. Its faculty to assimilate discreetly into any milieu renders it a chameleon within its milieu. Notwithstanding its compact visage, it eschews any compromise on vigor, delivering a formidable 7.2 kW output, substantiating the adage that majestic entities indeed arrive in unassuming parcels – tailor-made for nocturnal replenishments whilst you envision highways devoid of emissions in slumber.

EO MINI PRO 3's Ingenious Charging Acumen

Yet, the narrative deepens. The EO MINI PRO 3 transcends mere recharge; it accomplishes such with sapience. Via the EO app, this charger metamorphoses into an invaluable cohort for your EV, permitting you to trace power usage, sift through recharging annals, and pilot sessions with mere digit swipes. It transitions into a pocket-residing charging valet of sorts, elevating the EO MINI PRO 3 from merely smart to sheer brilliance.

EO MINI PRO 3: A Conduit for Solar Potency

In an epoch clamoring for sustainable resolutions, the EO MINI PRO 3 responds with zest. Its solar panel compatibility embodies sheer enchantment, inviting you to siphon power from our astral benefactor. This charger adeptly navigates between solar and grid energy, ensuring your EV remains satiated, irrespective of meteorological whims, establishing itself as a paragon of renewable energy integration in the charging domain.

Ensuring Domestic Tranquility with EO MINI PRO 3

Concerning safety, dispel any anxieties, for the EO MINI PRO 3 remains ever-watchful, endowed with power balancing attributes to stabilize your electrical provision whilst soothing your spirit. This device transcends its functional identity; it is a sentinel, ensuring that your pursuit of electron-propelled autonomy does not jeopardize your domicile's sanctity.

EO MINI PRO 3's Fiscal Implications: A Worthy Expenditure?

Tagged at roughly $1350, the EO MINI PRO 3 might mirror an opulent outlay. Yet, ponder upon this – you engage not in mere procurement of a charger; you partake in an investment into futurity. With its elegant compactness, intelligent attributes, and allegiance to eco-friendliness, it unravels as a chest of treasures for the ecologically aware motorist.

EO MINI PRO 3: The Culminating Appraisal

To encapsulate, the EO MINI PRO 3 transcends the conventional bounds of a charging station; it heralds a greener, more astute future. Its polished form factor, cognitive capabilities, and ecological foresight render it an object of covetousness for the avant-garde EV owner. While its worth might prompt skepticism, the unparalleled convenience, efficacy, and serenity it proffers render it invaluable. In the grand spectacle of EV charging, the EO MINI PRO 3 does not merely participate; it captivates.

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