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Valent Power QUICK-e DC FAST CHARGER Price and Specs

Last updated: 30 October 2023
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What is Valent Power?
  • Valent Power QUICK-e DC FAST CHARGER price
  • Valent Power CHARGER
  • Valent Power evcharging stations
  • Valent Power QUICK-e DC FAST CHARGER price
  • Valent Power CHARGER
  • Valent Power evcharging stations

Valent Power QUICK-e DC FAST CHARGER Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Valent Power QUICK-e DC FAST CHARGER

Valent Power QUICK-e DC FAST CHARGER price:

US$ 19900

manufactured inUSA
power (kW)50
rated current (A)125
cable length4.5
connector typeCombo and/or CHAdeMO
simultaneous charging2
IP ratingNEMA 3-rating

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Valent Power QUICK-e DC FAST CHARGER Video Review

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Video Review on Valent Power QUICK-e DC FAST CHARGER
Video review

Valent Power QUICK-e DC Fast Charger: A New Era in Electric Vehicle Charging

Gone are the days when electric vehicles (EVs) were mere futuristic dreams. They've charged into the present, steering the automotive world with them. At the core of this electrifying drive is the need for swift, adept charging options. Behold the Valent Power QUICK-e DC Fast Charger, an avant-garde silhouette in the realm of EV charging, ready to shift our perceptions and expectations.

A Closer Inspection of American Ingenuity

Crafted in the USA: The QUICK-e stands as a proud epitome of American ingenuity. It's a symbol of top-notch quality and surgical precision, embodied in every unit.

Cost-efficient Brilliance: With a price tag of only $19,900, Valent Power brings to the table a luxurious charging solution that merges affordability with superior performance.

Technical Specs That Will Astound You

The Heart of Power: Boasting a formidable 50 kW of power, the QUICK-e champions the rapid transfer of energy to your EV.

Unwavering Voltage: Operating at a solid 380 volts, this charger ensures your vehicle receives consistent charging every time.

Optimized Current Flow: With a current rating of 125A, the QUICK-e mastery lies in enhancing charge times.

Accessibility Extended: A cable stretch of 4.5 meters provides convenience across various parking situations.

User-Friendly Design and Versatility

All-encompassing Connector Compatibility: Catering to EVs across the spectrum with Combo or CHAdeMO standards, the QUICK-e exhibits a broad-reaching embrace. Its dual compatibility is a tribute to its inclusive design philosophy.

Dual Charging Fortitude: Engineered to charge two vehicles at once, the QUICK-e exemplifies advanced design, ensuring that EV drivers no longer face wait times.

Sturdy Construct: Encased in a NEMA 3-rated robust shell, this charger is primed to weather different environmental onslaughts, promising longevity and stalwartness.

Where Fast Charging Meets Efficiency

In our current, hurried era, speed is everything. Valent Power's QUICK-e, armed with cutting-edge Direct Current Quick Charging (DCQC) technology, rises to the occasion. Envision revitalizing your EV in a mere half-hour – that's the kind of expediency the QUICK-e pledges. Yet, brisk charging isn't its sole merit. Designed for minimal impact on the grid, this charger emerges not merely as a selection for today but as a sustainable preference for the morrows.

Effortless Installation: Exemplary Integration

The QUICK-e transcends performance benchmarks; its design guarantees uncomplicated installation. Whether nestled in a dynamic commercial locale or a tranquil residential alcove, the QUICK-e melds without a fuss, signifying its adaptability.

Re-envisioned Charging: The QUICK-e Manifesto

In the swiftly evolving theater of EVs, Valent Power's QUICK-e DC Fast Charger cuts through as an emblem of foresight and innovation. It transcends being merely a product; it's a meticulously forged solution, attuned to the demands and visions of the present and the foreseeable futures.