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What is Jetson?
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  • JETSON ONE price
  • JETSON ONE review
  • JETSON ONE range
  • JETSON ONE overview
  • JETSON ONE specs
  • JETSON ONE inside


Price and Technical Specifications of the new JETSON ONE.

JETSON ONE price *:

98000 US$

manufactured inSweden
sales start2024
flying time (min)20
max. speed (km/h)102
weight (kg)86

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

JETSON ONE: An Electrifying Leap into the Future of Personal Aerial Transportation

Imagine soaring above traffic, with the wind as your companion and the sky as your domain. The JETSON ONE, an innovative electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, beckons adventurers and tech enthusiasts alike. Crafted in the heart of Sweden, this marvel promises an exhilarating flight experience. Let's explore the fusion of advanced technology, safety features, and elegant design that defines the JETSON ONE.

Technical Specifications and Pricing Details

As the dawn of a new era in personal transportation draws near, the JETSON ONE sets its sights on a 2024 launch with a price tag that reads $98,000 USD.

This marvel of modern engineering comes partially (50%) assembled, imbuing enthusiasts with the thrill of hands-on completion. With a lean structure tipping the scales at 86 kilograms and engineered for agility, the JETSON ONE boasts a maximum speed of 102 km/h, coupled with a flight duration that stretches up to 20 precious minutes.

Embarking on the Journey: Development Milestones

Following the jubilations surrounding its working prototype and a series of successful test flights, the nascent stages of the Jetson ONE's development heralded the birth of a second-generation eVTOL prototype, crowned as the premier production model for the consumer market. Conceived during the late spring of 2020, Jetson ONE is currently navigating through rigorous flight testing, signaling its readiness for pre-order.

Fortress of Safety in the Skies

Safety, the bedrock upon which the Jetson ONE is built, manifests through a constellation of advanced features. Propulsion redundancy coexists with a triple redundant flight computer, forging a robust barrier against unforeseen failures. A ballistic parachute stands at the ready, offering a lifeline in dire straits, while the safety cell chassis enveloped with crumple zones, lidar-aided obstacle and terrain evasion, along with hands-free hover and emergency hold functionalities, ensure a secure embrace within the clouds. Embracing the ethos of race car cabins, the design integrates propeller guards and a composite seat, complete with a harness, sculpting an enclave of security.

Technical Prowess and Aeronautic Elegance

In August 2020, the clarion call of the Jetson website heralded the price of a complete eVTOL aircraft at $59,000.00 USD, delivered as a toolkit for the intrepid at heart to assemble. From the whisper of aluminum space frames to the hum of motor controllers, propellers, and motors — a symphony of components awaits to take flight, guided by detailed building instructions.

The designers tout the Jetson ONE as a sanctum of reliability in the skies. Its eight propellers, married in pairs of four, pledge an unwavering commitment to flight, even in the face of adversity — such as a propeller's failure. Beneath the surface of adversity, a ballistic parachute is ever-poised to inaugurate a safe descent. The onboard computer, a maestro of collision avoidance and LIDAR terrain tracking, along with a cabin inspired by the adrenaline of race cars, completes the tapestry of this aerial odyssey.

Manufacturer: Jetson

JETSON ONE Video Review

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