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Lange Aviation Antares 23E Price and Specs

Last updated: 17 March 2024
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What is Lange Aviation?
  • Lange Aviation Antares 23E price
  • Lange Aviation Antares 23E specs
  • Lange Aviation Antares 23E review
  • Lange Aviation Antares 23E inside
  • Lange Aviation Antares 23E price
  • Lange Aviation Antares 23E specs
  • Lange Aviation Antares 23E review
  • Lange Aviation Antares 23E inside
Lange Aviation Antares 23E price

Lange Aviation Antares 23E Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Lange Aviation Antares 23E.

Lange Aviation Antares 23E price *:

175000 US$

manufactured inGermany
sales start2021
flight altitude (m)3000
flying range (km)1000
max. speed (km/h)100
weight (kg)530
passengers (qty)1
cargo capacity (kg)200

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Lange Aviation Antares 23E: A Soaring Marvel of Electric Flight

Impressive High-Speed Performance

The Antares 23E by Lange Aviation has garnered accolades for its exceptional high-speed flight capabilities. The electric glider's prowess on swift days is lauded by enthusiasts, placing it in a league of its own. Notwithstanding its expansive wingspan, the Antares 23E surprises pilots with its agility and maneuverability, drawing comparisons to a more compact 18-meter aircraft.

Engineering and Aesthetics: Pilot Accolades

Pilots and aviation aficionados have described their experiences with the Antares 23E as nothing short of dreamlike.

The seamless fusion of advanced aerodynamics with the cutting-edge electric propulsion system creates an unparalleled soaring experience.

Competitions and Gliding Leadership

The Antares 23E has been showcased in prominent events such as the World Gliding Championships, indicating its stake in competitive gliding and as a leader in the electric aviation sector. Its new 23-meter wing adaptation substantiates its Open Class qualifications and signifies ongoing innovation in design.

Multimedia Insights

For a more visceral perspective of the Antares 23E's capabilities, numerous flying videos and experiences, including aerial displays, are available within the Lange Aviation's video gallery. Enthusiasts can witness first-hand the Antares 23E's grace and efficiency as it carves through the skies.

The Verdict: Safety, Efficiency, and Jubilation

What distinguishes the Antares 23E, beyond its performance and design, is its reliability. The electric motor's consistent and rapid start-up times (approximately 10 seconds) exemplify its user-friendly nature and bolster its safety profile, a vital consideration when it comes to gliding and electric aviation.

In essence, the Lange Aviation Antares 23E stands as a testament to the progress and possibilities within the realm of electric flight. Its remarkable performance, pilot-praised handling, and commitment to safety and innovation make it a standout choice for anyone passionate about gliding and the future of eco-friendly aviation.

Manufacturer: Lange Aviation

Lange Aviation Antares 23E Video Review

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Video Review on Lange Aviation Antares 23E
Video review

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