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FUELL Fllow Price and Specs

Last updated: 19 February 2024
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What is Fuell E-MOTO?
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  • FUELL Fllow price
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FUELL Fllow Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new FUELL Fllow

FUELL Fllow price:

US$ 12000

manufactured inUSA
motocycle typeSports
sales start2023
range (km)240
max. speed140
transmissionClutchless direct drive
battery (kWh)10
0 to100 km/h2.7
power (h.p.)47

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

FUELL Fllow Video Review

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Video Review on FUELL Fllow
Video review

FUELL Flow: A Leap Into the Urban Electric Odyssey

Imagine whisking through the cityscape, the hum of electric power beneath you, embarking on the daily commute not just as a mundane necessity, but as an exhilarating jaunt. Enter the FUELL Flow, a brainchild of the famed Eric Buell. This urban electric motorcycle is not a mere proposal; it's a declaration of a future where performance meets practicality. With its 10.0 kWh battery propelling you to unseen horizons and a muscular delivery of 47 hp, the FUELL Flow is on a mission to redefine urban mobility. Promising a marathon range of over 240 km on a singular charge, it's crafted for the relentless urbanite. And with the added boon of fast-charging capabilities – refueling from depletion to full in an eyeblink of 30 minutes – it's not playing by the old rules.

The Nitty-Gritty: Unpacking FUELL Flow's Powerhouse

Peering under the hood, or rather the chassis, the FUELL Flow harbors a testament to modern electric engineering. Its heart, a beefy 10.0 kWh battery, promises to carry adventurers far and wide, boasting a notable 240 km range. This prowess ensures that daily voyages, from the domicile to the dominion of commerce, are undertaken with negligible concern for the next electrical oasis. Thanks to its rapid recharging feature, pit stops are abbreviated, allowing for more time spent in the embrace of the wind.

The Flow's propulsion isn't your garden-variety affair; it's an audacious rear single-wheel motor setup that tickles the fancy of thrill-seekers with a potent 47 hp. This setup not only promises an invigorating acceleration—zero to hero in a scant 3.5 seconds—but also a ballet of balance and power, flirting with velocities up to 140 km/h. Such performance renders the Flow adept at navigating the intricate ballet of urban traffic and poised on the open road.

Design and Vision: Eric Buell's Urban Electric Dream

At the drawing board stood Eric Buell, not just as an inventor but as a visionary, sculpting the FUELL Flow's contours. The result is a spectacle of modern aesthetics, where form harmoniously converges with electric function. This urban electric motorcycle isn't merely a mode of transportation; it's a chariot for the eco-conscious cavalier, a stark symbol of a sustainable and spirited odyssey through the urban expanse.

Entry Ticket to the E-Revolution: Price and Availability

The pursuit of electric enchantment begins at $11,995—a figure that beckons with the promise of revolution within reach. Yet, the dream awaits its artisans, its prospective riders, to usher it from reverie to reality through further pre-orders, setting the stage for its grand debut on the urban stage.

FUELL Flow: The Electrifying Urban Odyssey Awaits

Thus stands the FUELL Flow, not merely as a concept but as a harbinger of the electric epoch in urban mobility. With its leviathan battery, dauntless range, and lightning-fast recharge time, it addresses the exigencies of the metropolitan migrant. Coupled with its vehement motor and swift surge in speed, it adds a new dimension to the riding experience. In the crucible of innovation, if FUELL succeeds in weaving this vision into the tapestry of reality, the Flow is poised to not just join the electric cavalcade but to lead the charge into the future.