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Last updated: 20 December 2023
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What is Katalis?
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 1
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 2
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 3
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 1
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 2
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 3
  • KATALIS EV-1K/56 price
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 1
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 2
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 3
  • KATALIS EV-1K/56 price
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 1
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 2
  • KATALIS EV 1K56 3
Image credit: Katalis

KATALIS EV-1K/56 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new KATALIS EV-1K/56

KATALIS EV-1K/56 price:

US$ 6500

manufactured in  India 
motocycle type  City Bike 
sales start  2023 
range (km)  70 
max. speed  80 
transmission  Clutchless direct drive 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

KATALIS EV-1K/56: The Electric Motorcycle Redefining Urban Commute

Gentlemen, ladies, and everyone in between, allow me to introduce you to the shining beacon of the electric two-wheeler domain: the KATALIS EV-1K/56. Crafted with precision in the fervent workshops of India, this electric motorcycle is not merely a mode of transport, but a proclamation about the bright future awaiting urban mobility. Now, let's saddle up and journey through the specifics that allow the EV-1K/56 to leave its competitors eating dust.

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

Dismiss any notions you might have regarding the KATALIS EV-1K/56 being a slight step up from its predecessors. Nay, ladies and gentlemen, it's more akin to a giant leap for motorcycle-kind. By harnessing the latest advancements in technology and engineering, this electric steed offers an exhilarating escapade across the urban sprawl.

Key Specifications

  1. Engine Performance

In its heart – or rather, under its bonnet – the EV-1K/56 harbors a formidable electric motor that bellows out a staggering 1000 watts of power. This electrifying heartthrob propels it to top speeds of 80 km/h, ensuring that your city cruising is not just eco-friendly but thrilling as well.

  1. Battery and Range

Equipped with a state-of-the-art lithium battery, the EV-1K/56 boasts a robust power reserve that carries you over distances of up to 70 kilometers on a single charge. Thus, it waves a cheery goodbye to range anxiety, welcoming a new dawn of hassle-free commuting.

  1. Design and Build

Fashioned by Catalyst Chief Designer Julian Palapa – a luminary in architectural design – the EV-1K/56 dons a design ethos that is as captivating as it is efficient. Adorned with dynamic M56 graphic elements, its frame, rotary lever, and wheels are sculpted from the lightweight yet resilient aluminum 6061. Tipping the scales at a mere 75 pounds, it promises agility and sturdiness in equal measure, an absolute dream for slicing through congested lanes.

  1. Transmission and Performance

The EV-1K/56 advances with a clutchless direct-drive transmission, elevating its efficiency and delivering a riding experience as smooth as silk. With quick acceleration and effortless control at your fingertips, each journey transforms into an exhilarating escapade.

Riding Into the Future

The EV-1K/56 is not merely an electric motorcycle; it's a harbinger of a new epoch in eco-conscious urban travel. Its potent engine, extensive range, and suave design set it leagues apart from the garden variety of electric two-wheelers. Whether you're a daily commuter whose bloodstream throbs with the roar of the city or an environmental stalwart, this motorcycle is tailored just for you.

Embrace the Revolution

The KATALIS EV-1K/56 stands as a monument to Katalis' unwavering dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship. With the commencement of sales looming in 2023, ensure you're at the forefront to seize this extraordinary piece of craftsmanship. Cast aside the shackles of gasoline dependency and wholeheartedly embrace the electric elucidation.

If you're keen to transcend mundane commutes, let the KATALIS EV-1K/56 be your steed of choice. Its potent performance, commitment to sustainability, and avant-garde aesthetics not only make it an exemplary choice for the modern rider but also herald the future of urban mobility. The future is electrifying, and with the EV-1K/56, you're invited to lead the charge. Prepare to alter the very fabric of commuting with the KATALIS EV-1K/56.

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