OSET 24.0 RACING (Adult) Specs and Price ⚡ Electric Motorcycle

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Oset Bikes Electrik Motorcycle Manufacturer

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OSET 24.0 RACING (Adult) description ⚡

OSET 24.0 RACING (Adult) Specsification.

This is the ultimate versatile machine and appeals to a vast range of ages and riding interests. From youth and adult trials riders, mountain bikers, and parents following their youngsters to a pit bike, dirt bike and a back garden training machine. This bike suits so many and offers the maximum entertainment value. The 24.0R has spent a lot of time in the hands of a team of expert riders including, Oliver Smith, Chris Northover, Pat Smage and Jack Field – all pro riders with tens of millions of YouTube views between them. These are very advanced riders pulling some big moves! At the same time, the adjustability allows the bike to be used in more gentle situations, with learner riders taking their first steps into the world of electric motorcycles.

manufactured inUSA
new from ($)$4399
motocycle typeTrial
sales start2017
range (km)60
max. speed65
battery (kWh)0.93
power (h.p.)1.9

Manufacturer: Oset Bikes

OSET 24.0 RACING (Adult) Video Review

Oset Bikes Manufacturing Company
 Video ReviewOSET 24.0 RACING (Adult)

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