EV SOR NS 12 electric 242 kWh

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Sor Libchavy
  • SOR NS 12 electric 242 kWh

Sor Libchavy EV Specs and Price.

EV SOR NS 12 electric 242 kWh description.

SOR NS 12 electric 242 kWh Electric Car Specs and Price.

SOR NS 12 electric is a modern all-low-floor electric bus designed for clean passenger transit in urban environments. The ability to arrange the seats in various layouts inside the vehicle and the different combinations of the entrance doors enables a wide range of uses in all city environments. The unique design solutions of the technical elements make for very economical operation of this bus.

manufactured inCzech Republic
sales start2021
range (km)200
battery (kWh)242
bus typetransit bus
seats (qty)35

Manufacturer: Sor Libchavy

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SOR NS 12 electric 242 kWh

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