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BYD e1 Price and Specs

What is BYD Auto?
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  • BYD e1 price
  • BYD e1 exterior
  • BYD e1 review
  • BYD e1 electric
  • BYD e1 new
  • BYD e1 specs
  • BYD e1 overview
  • BYD e1 interior

BYD e1 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new BYD e1

BYD e1 price:

US$ 9500

manufactured inChina
sales start2019
range (km)305
battery (kWh)32.2
max. speed (km/h)130
0 to100 km/h10.3
power (h.p.)61
car typehatchback / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

BYD e1 Video Review

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Video Review on BYD e1
Video review

Exploring the BYD E1: The Urbanite's Electric Dream

In the labyrinth of city streets, amidst a symphony of honking horns and the perpetual hustle, emerges a beacon of tranquility and eco-responsibility – the BYD E1. This compact electric chariot is meticulously crafted for the asphalt jungle, promising a harmonious blend of sustainability and urban practicality. Journey with us as we dissect the attributes and specifications of the BYD E1, casting a spotlight on its potential to redefine city commuting.

The Quintessence of the BYD E1

Forged in the fires of BYD's mission to usher in an era of environmentally gentle mobility, the BYD E1 stands as a compact bastion of electric prowess. It's the quintessential city steed for the daily warrior, the collegiate navigator, or the eco-minded urban explorer. The allure of the BYD E1 beckons your consideration.

Distinguishing Features of the BYD E1

1. Nimble and Compact Design

The dimensions of the BYD E1, akin to a masterfully penned haiku, embody grace and functionality. Its petite stature assures mastery over the concrete mazes and serpentine parking, granting you the alacrity to outpace the urban sprawl.

2. The Commendable Range of the BYD E1

Contrary to its diminutive frame, the BYD E1 brandishes a hefty heart under its hood. The robust battery architecture unfurls a range of up to 305 km per charge, liberating you from the clutches of frequent charging stops amid your city quests.

3. A Cocoon of Modernity

Step into the BYD E1 and be enveloped in a sanctum of modern comforts. The interior, a veritable Aladdin's cave of ergonomic delight, intelligent design, and connectivity, transforms every commute into a serene escapade.

4. A Torchbearer of Eco-Friendliness

The BYD E1, emitting nary a whisper of pollutants, stands as a testament to sustainable urban mobility. A heralding choice for those aspiring to tread lightly upon the Earth while championing the cause of clean transportation.

Performance and Specifications Unveiled

A deeper excavation into the mechanical sinews of the BYD E1 reveals:

  • Motor: Equipped with an electric dynamo that propels with 61 horses, the E1 slices through the urban fray with zest.

  • Charging Alacrity: With fast-charging capabilities, the E1's battery swells to 80% in roughly 30 minutes, ensuring that you remain in perpetual motion.

  • Safety, A Forethought: BYD, placing a premium on passenger sanctity, envelops the E1 in a suite of safety measures, securing serenity at every turn.

Why Opt for the BYD E1?

The BYD E1 distinguishes itself in the electric car market through:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: It offers an economic vestibule into the electric chariot domain, broadening its reach among an eclectic clientele.

  2. Tailored for Urban Milieu: Its agility and compactness are in lockstep with the demands of city navigation and constricted parking spaces.

  3. Eco-Conscious Footprint: The E1’s zero-emission constitution aligns seamlessly with the tenets of sustainable urban living.

  4. Utmost Practicability: Boasting an impressive autonomical span and a sanctuary of an interior, the E1 is the linchpin for daily commutes and urban explorations.

The BYD E1 transcends its role as merely a compact electric vehicle; it serves as a harbinger of practical, sustainable, and futuristic urban mobility. For those charting their city sojourns, the E1 beckons a closer look to usher in an informed epoch of commuting.