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GAC Aion S Plus Price and Specs

Last updated: 06 February 2024
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What is GAC Motor?
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  • GAC Aion S Plus exterior
  • GAC Aion S Plus review
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  • GAC Aion S Plus overview
  • GAC Aion S Plus interior
  • GAC Aion S Plus price
  • GAC Aion S Plus exterior
  • GAC Aion S Plus review
  • GAC Aion S Plus electric
  • GAC Aion S Plus new
  • GAC Aion S Plus 2023
  • GAC Aion S Plus overview
  • GAC Aion S Plus interior

GAC Aion S Plus Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new GAC Aion S Plus

GAC Aion S Plus price:

US$ 18900

manufactured inChina
sales start2021
range (km)602
battery (kWh)69.9
max. speed (km/h)170
0 to100 km/h6.8
power (h.p.)244
car typesedan
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

GAC Aion S Plus Video Review

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Video Review on GAC Aion S Plus
Video review

2021 GAC Aion S Plus 80: A Symphony of Electric Dynamism

Within the bustling world of electric automobiles, the 2021 GAC Aion S Plus 80 emerges as a beacon of innovation, melding efficiency and power with state-of-the-art functionalities. Setting its sights on sustainability coupled with vigor, this electric saloon car dances to the rhythm of modernity, captivating the attention of those who prioritize the environment as much as performance.

Powertrain Par Excellence

At the crux of the 2021 GAC Aion S Plus 80 sits its powertrain, an embodiment of electric vitality. Boasting a mammoth 69.9 kWh battery, this vehicle not only heralds a new era of energy storage but also carves pathways over distances of 602 kilometers (373 miles) on a single charge. Such an expansive range liberates you from the shackles of perpetual recharging concerns.

Motor Marvels Unleashed

Beneath its metallic veneer, the Aion S Plus 80 is propelled by a single motor system utilizing a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. This advanced propulsion method forges 224 horsepower (164 kW) and a torque of 350 Nm. The outcome? A spectacular meld of swift acceleration and a top speed of 170 km/h, whisking you from 0-100 km/h in a mere 6.8 seconds.

Charging: Swift and Simplified

In the electric automobile cosmos, the ability for rapid recharging is non-negotiable. The Aion S Plus 80 excels remarkably in this domain, supporting a DC charge rate peaking at 100 kW. This capability ensures a battery recharge to 80% within just 45 minutes, transforming tedious journeys into less tiresome escapades. Moreover, with an AC charge rate of 6.6 kW, overnight recharging becomes an effortless endeavor.

Efficiency: The Electric Edge

One of the electric vehicle's cardinal virtues lies in its efficiency, and here, the Aion S Plus 80 shines brilliantly. With an average consumption of 11.6 kWh/100km, this vehicle demonstrates exceptional fuel economy and a marked reduction in carbon emissions, positioning it as a champion of ecology without sacrificing an iota of performance.

Aesthetic Appeal and Ample Space

Apart from its dynamic performance and efficiency, the 2021 GAC Aion S Plus 80 also prides itself on a spacious interior and alluring design. Measuring 4810 mm in length, 1880 mm in width, and 1515 mm in height, it ensures abundant space for passengers and gear alike. A generous 453-liter cargo capacity further guarantees that you're always prepared, whether embarking on a weekend adventure or navigating the daily grind.

Fortress of Safety

For GAC, safeguarding its occupants is paramount, and the Aion S Plus 80 is fortified with an arsenal of advanced safety technologies. From adaptive cruise control to lane-keeping assist and sophisticated driver assistance systems, this electric sedan offers a cocoon of safety on every journey.

The Dawn of Autonomous Driving

The 2021 GAC Aion S Plus 80 also ventures into the realm of autonomous driving, mirroring the forefront of automotive advancements. While not entirely self-driving, it provides a glimpse into tomorrow with functionalities such as automated lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control, elevating your driving experience to new heights of comfort and security.

A Testament to GAC's Commitment to Excellence

Manifested in China, the Aion S Plus 80 is a testament to GAC's unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, encapsulating the brand's ambition to spearhead the global electric vehicle segment.

In essence, the 2021 GAC Aion S Plus 80 stands as an extraordinary amalgamation of efficiency, muscle, and futuristic features. With a robust commitment to sustainable performance, it positions itself as an ideal contender for both eco-minded drivers and automotive aficionados. For those in pursuit of an electric vehicle that harmoniously blends elegance, substance, and cutting-edge technology, the Aion S Plus 80 emerges as an impeccable choice.