EV Mitsubishi eK X EV FWD 20 kWh

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  • Mitsubishi eK X EV FWD 20 kWh
price (NEW) from: 27800,00 $

MITSUBISHI EV Specs and Price.

EV Mitsubishi eK X EV FWD 20 kWh description.

Mitsubishi eK X EV FWD 20 kWh Electric Car Specs and Price.

Mitsubishi eK X EV FWD 20 kWh dimensions: the length is 3395 mm, the distance between the axles is 2495 mm; the height is 1655 mm, and the width is 1475 mm, for example, in Japan, strict requirements are imposed on this parameter of segment cars. The capacity of the traction battery is quite modest, only 20 kWh. The battery has a narrow and long shape (so it can fit between the body spars). Compared to the petrol versions, the Mitsubishi eK XIV has a ground clearance of 10 mm less, it is equal to 145 mm. Mitsubishi eK X EV received the only electric motor of the M M 48 series, located on the front axle. Its output is 64 hp (this indicator is the permissible maximum for key cars), and the torque is 195 Nm. The cars have the ability to control "one pedal" – the e-Pedal function, as well as several driving modes: Eco, Standard and Sport.

manufactured inJapan
new from ($)27800
range (km)180
max. speed130
sales start2023
0 to100 km/hunknown
power (h.p.)64
battery (kWh)20
car typestation wagon
drive typeFWD

Manufacturer: MITSUBISHI

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Mitsubishi eK X EV FWD 20 kWh

Mitsubishi eK X EV FWD 20 kWh EV Video Review

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